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It felt like it was years long. I know it was. I knew a lot because it was so hard to hide. And and you know he was sloppy. Is he denied it. No he doesn't need me tutor why they do not leave if you knew he was cheated on you. Where am i going. He told me straight up. This is my house. where am i going. I don't i think she had nowhere to go. I don't think she cared that he was cheating. I don't thank you. This is this is what it is. I think i think with kyle. Obviously she's with no they have a loving relationship if she ever suspected for one second he was doing something she would have. His ass handles right. That's her man. That's a father children. She's not messing around with that. Erica and tom. My personal opinion is that i think they've they had separate lives for very long time. I mean she was pursuing her dreams. I think she was becoming an icon and a big star own show and note that they didn't have love in their lives and they weren't together for a long time but i think that relationships grow apart and she was totally with him. Keeping companies have anywhere on television. It's hard to say. I don't really care that he was cheating. I don't think you can just say things like that. Because i don't think it was more of an arrangement if when you're a big girl and you're an adult you don't wake up one day and say i know my husband. There's been some rumblings on my husband cheating. And i found the evidence and i'm going to leave to prove a point. I think that you have watched too many lifetime movies. If you don't think that you don't have to leave without a plan like if you'll man has been doing this for instance. I had a girlfriend who's married to somebody for eight months Sorry eight years. Eleven months and seventeen days. Wow and she was like. I'm leaving him. He's cheating my response. Was i get that but you only have a year left so until you're set for life he has to take care of you for the rest of your life. Why are you going to blow up and leave and take four and a half days worth alimony. Women that want to be active in a relationship and expect their husbands to be faithful to them and that's their dynamic. I think with erica and tom. They have lived once again separate lives for several years and i don't think she was heartbroken or upset about that. I think they both were in different places. And i think just don't like the message that sending to women right. I didn't have anywhere. Go in this. Come on come up with better. Come on if. I'm leaving a house i'm going to another house. I'm not leaving. my man. Going to hotel are trying to sleep on. If you don't wanna be in a row. If i don't want to be in a relation. I'll care i gotta go to. Was that a motel. That's just me. And i'm to say i just don't like the message that it sends to women that you have to stay in a situation that's not good for you. I completely agree and understand. And it's unfortunate that that messaging. She chose because. I don't think that messaging is accurate. Eric was going through. I don't know where to go. I eric is a self-sufficient brilliant woman. If she wanted to leave she would have left. She didn't care isg talking about leaving. James we're not talking about leaving talking about maybe one of the most high power bernie leaving leaving jordan is on par with leaving. There's necessarily i have watched leaving sleeping with the enemy. Fifty thousand times julia roberts. We're you're married to a man who's not only connected to the law. He is the community..

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