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And the Wayne's world they end up with back to back. Yeah. I saw it was great. Yeah. So yeah, we get that happening in this scene. Where basically marched up until the very last moment is like elbowing her mom being I come on like, you know, bar is getting pushed onto the grounds. Because he accidentally dropped the ring. He wasn't even being a bad. Boy, therapists, and at that I love like how MRs bouviers just like fuck it. But I love the take down of like those really long church's, weddings. I think I don't remember if I just heard the names wrong or if Burns's sang them wrong. Please correct me. But what he interrupts Reverend Lovejoy into. We've heard enough about bless him. That's actually what he says. I wrote down sounds about right. And I feel the same way. When you go to this, really tricky, weddings. But I don't think I mean, I feel like those Turkey weddings are becoming kind of like outnumbered by all the quirkier ones. I've only been to very great short weddings feel like I'm wearing a lucky. It's the golden age of weddings, everybody. Everybody's divorcing themselves from God. Yeah. That is. What's happened? Decline. I feel like though, there is something fun about an hour. Long catholic? There's something insane about it. Because there's so much. Pageantry there's so much boring stuff. And hopefully, you're in like a nice looking church. Paying for it. You might as well, let's hear me a little bit before people get married. Yeah. I've been to just one of those kind of weddings, somewhat recently. And I feel like probably the best way to experience that if you are like just close enough to be invited to the wedding. But like further away from like, the actual people getting married that you can kind of have that kind of perspective on it. And just like look at, you know, the amazing stained class portrait's and just kind of lose yourself in that and go oh interesting in and then of course, the rest of the night is devoted to conversations around like how much money do you think they spent on who he Blee? That reminds me that ring was not that lavish for someone who is a millionaire. Also, I just realized that the condom joke means that Abe definitely doesn't use a condom because otherwise he would know what that is. Stare at the sun too much. I mean, he probably doesn't need to wear one one think about his. The problem with all these retirement homes. There's the highest rate true. I don't know if you this is actually now a very common joke it for these kind of like book club that movie that just came out. And I'm thinking specifically, I saw the trailer for that new movie poems, which is starring Diane Keaton in a bunch of other people and produced by the same people that produced book club, but like one of the first jokes in the trailer is like Diane Keaton moves into this retirement community, one of the other woman goes I was really hoping that you were going to be a man like there's been like a real dip in sausage in this. She likes. Just basic enough that you're like that's grocer that you censored it in a way. But yeah, that's the joke that old people still fuck guys. Jay do still fuck. I don't wanna hear it. Everybody's job is to tell one old person that they are friends with to wear condom, and we'll help people. We gotta try. Doing. Hear your people you have to name them. Now, the mayor of my hometown. Okay. You heard it here, Mary, you gotta you gotta wrap it up of you tweeting the mayor of your town. Retiring. A lot of sex time. Anyway, listen to the show with your kids, but they have to wear earmuffs..

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