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Know everyone is right on top of each other and the truth. There's like most of the big picture decisions or creations or or or work that we do when you think about where it came from. It wasn't like in in a busy coffee shop. It was quietly i. I came up for the book. I'm GonNa Right next. I came up with on the beach vacation right like I was not totally alone own but I was alone and away from the vast majority of distractions that usually would would prevent me from thinking about this and so people have to have in some ways the confidence in the strength to go like no I know you probably think I should spend the next week at the office but actually the best investment I can make myself in this business. Business is still a hunting trip or go on a week bike ride or you know just just stay at home for a few days like if if the leader of an organization is not taking time to sit quietly by themselves to think big picture. WHO's doing it? You know the janitors not doing it. Yeah I thought that was. It was pretty telling that Bill Gates goes out there and he doesn't I mean I guess he does do some of the mostly reads as well as that. What you found out is is reading and he reads? Books is a lot of academic papers and he. He's not white affirmative. She's sending emails in his writing. Memos like he's very engage but he's just doing it in a fundamentally different context than you could from even the CEO's office or even from the founders office how how would you recommend someone find time for solitude when they're like listen Ryan like love you but I'm just trying to pay the bills you know I'm like you know I've got a Oh you know forty plus our job kids like wh where does one find you know no. We can't take a certainly. I can't take seven days off. My wife would kill me. Brian Court Cabin for seven days. No definitely would you recommend Ivan the easiest place to get solitude and silence is is in the mornings like just wake up a little bit earlier I again again as someone who has young kids. Okay I will give it six fifteen this morning because that's when my son woke up but thankfully I have a job. Result is a little bit easier and I can afford help and he does the daycare but I could have gotten up at five thirty and had you know forty five minutes to stink or pray or work out or do any of those things and so you you like. Let's say you already work out an hour a day With your someone who goes to the gym every day. Reorient your schedule so instead of doing it from five five to six PM where the work is ongoing. You're getting emails other people are around. It's busy it's bright outside to it from five to six. AM It might change when you go to bed. You're going to be much more present for that experience. You're going to get more out of it because your phone's not going would be going off. You won't have already started your day. You don't like the morning is the easiest place before everyone wakes up before the amounts have come in before the schedule. Oh has started. I think that's the best place to get solitude and silence. Yeah Kalemie. I love sleep so much I just like I have to wake up at seven every morning to take care of my my little girl and Kinda get the routine going and I'm just like every morning on Mike Is. Let's take one more hour. I mean what what I what I do. It's not like so. I take the mentioned this earlier but we go for this long. So this morning we buy We did like eight miles per hour. We CBS last the House votes still a little bit. Dark Karma got back. It was bright outs. So I'm not technically in complete solitude but I was riding up and down at dirt road road It's just me. It was just him. We watched the sun come up like that. That was like a profoundly meditative. immersive experience ends that Sen.

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