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What she was able to do. What's she brought to the sport? I don't think we're going to see the same tennis because I think it's very easy to forget just how great a tennis player she was. Forget everything else for a second. This woman was an incredible tennis player who just destroyed everybody. And but I hope that there are moments. And I think it is possible if she could win a couple, you know, if she needs a decent draw, I think, watching her against Belinda bench last night made me think, what an awful draw this is for her because bench is so clever, it puts you off balance, diverts your power back onto you, but there are certain players and look there are a lot of tough drawers in women's tennis right now, but there are some where she could just tee off and overwhelm. And if she could have a couple of those and get into the tournament, I think something certainly certainly an epic match where she may be knocks out somebody big like a top 5 seed is absolutely possible and an appearance in the second week. Oh, he sort of put a round on it. Ish. Second week is still quite vague, though, David. I'm not going to press you now. But I'm just going to say that I know we've had some exciting draw days of late Grand Slam draw days because there have been exciting, unseated lookers in drawers, but can you imagine the feverish anticipation of the women's draw at the U.S. open this year on Thursday, the 25th of August, the very same day that we arrive in New York City. I am already feverish myself. And PS, the U.S. open announced, didn't they that they had had the most extraordinary surge in ticket sales off the back of Serena's announcement. I mean, they don't even know when she'll be playing her first match and it's like everybody's just bought every ticket available just on the off chance that Serena might be playing in that session. It's amazing. And it's going to be so exciting and we can't wait. And maybe she will take our breath away one more time. She wasn't able to last night as you said Matt, she lost out after winning her opening round match. Tip breeze's deers 6 three 6 four. She lost to Belinda bench last night in Toronto 6 two 6 four bench it now plays garbine muguruza in the round of 16 who folks has won two tennis no, sorry, she got a buy in the first round. Has won one tennis match. Two sets. Still noteworthy. Does feel noteworthy, doesn't it? It shouldn't. Well, she beat the Washington finalist. Kai can epi, four and four. That's can be just well, I mean, she'd be an injured name soccer in the opening round, unfortunately it's all retired injured, training is set in three love to connect, but a win is big for big Aretha. Yeah, especially if you're talking about laying it all out, how you feeling? That press comment she gave, not so long ago where she just said, I just don't know what to do. I'm doing all the things you're supposed to do and here she is one of those players then and erotic talks about with experience, but no form and no confidence. And she can not figure out the solutions, and you just need, it's like the football player who's on a barren spell in front of goal and just needs one to go and off the knee and coming in. Got herself a win against kaia kanepi and I didn't watch the match for all I know Kai Kane hit a 158 unveiled errors. But the fact is she won a match. And maybe that maybe that will be a big difference maker for her. It just doesn't win over an injured Osaka. I watched that match on replay. You watched it as well as it was a really sad sight, wasn't it seeing a soccer just unable to compete physically, it's not good. Is it this distance out from the U.S. open? That that didn't look good to me. Have you got any reasons to be cheerful? I was quite cheerful about Osaka on Monday, wasn't I? In fact, I think I said she looks fit, and that didn't age well. It was sad. It was her back that she was getting treatment for. And I think we're saying as well, it must have been quite a tough day for Osaka. We know how much the sucker looks up to Serena Williams. She played on the day when Serena Williams Vogue piece came out, I think she tweeted after the max, something like this has just been a really, really bad day. Tough for Osaka, because she was playing well, I thought, you know, shocking news, tennis player hits the ball well, but she was. And but she just couldn't move, especially at the start of that second set and had to pull out. And yeah, just a couple of weeks out from the U.S. open, it's not good, and she had that injury earlier on in the year. It kind of lingered and just sort of took out that whole clay court season that she'd been so enthusiastic about trying to figure out one little injury sort of took it all out and I would hate for that to be the case here, which is usually her best time of year.

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