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Prosecutors say he called for another event similar to the less. Vegas mass shooting to give Americans quote a taste of the terror. They gladly spread all over the world. He's been charged with providing material support to terrorists and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. If convicted he could face life in prison, he's due back in court in July in downtown LA, Margaret caro- KNX ten seventy NewsRadio grievous. Here's how one local doctor describes the typhoid outbreak at a downtown police station. He says the public leaders swelling need to step up. Reckoning here when things like that happened. Hope is that kind of flex. Dr Davis says we were talking about typhoid another old diseases cropping up in Los Angeles. A year ago. And he says, things have gotten worse. Not better. Leadership, and we need leadership at the health level, the public health level in LA, which just hasn't been there. Doctor says the changes that are needed might not make everyone happy, but they have to happen. This is this wakeup call so that not another person has a disease. That's totally preventable through policy. Vicky more. KNX ten seventy NewsRadio latest now on this herbal mass shooting in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Happened after noon. Police say there's been a mass murderer inside a municipal building. Eleven people were killed. Six people are in the hospital. Police say this killer went floor to floor shooting people. They say he is dead. He was shot by police officer. There was a police officer injured as well, the vest saves life, there was a report this was an employee who was fired yesterday. We have more of our team coverage. CBS news special report, at least eleven people have been killed in Virginia Beach, Virginia. That's what the police radio sounded like late today is a gunman a city employee opened fire inside the municipal building. Police chief James severa suspect shoot a police officer.

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