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Mine today are from the action boys podcasts, Ben Rogers and Ryan Stang. What's up a, hey, thanks for having us. We're happy to be here. Yeah. We're we were told by your wolf to have more white straight men on the podcasts. Brought you guys in kind of count was never outnumbered. Hey, at least we're not three of the hist forty. Why use that voice at the top of the show to kind of balance. Cutesy at the top. Please everyone calls me a cutesy bottom. All your bear fan. I know I know listen. Can we talk about what your podcast is for the those of you who might not know like you've made it clear for the to narrow down to podcast for about five hundred freaks around like everybody. That will listen, it's already listening. Yeah. We don't think we get anymore listeners. We've filled the entire niece. We've maxed out and it is eating its own town. It is now a kind of of a slightly annoyed by each other for about three hours episode yet to give you guys the backstory, it's pretty much like a revolutionary podcast in that three guys talk about movies and specifically movies from the seventies to the ninety s x classic action movies. And they are every single episode is longer than the movie that we're talking about for no reason other than we can't stop talking over each other. Every episode is usually longer than the last episode not just the movie and either getting now or get in later when it's court evidence. One hundred drop that staggers supreme court here. I might defense. Attorney just walks in shaking his head every day. Your voice on there, saying all this thousands and thousands of times in worse ways. But it's a patriot podcast. So get yourself on it..

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