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Broad attack on a guy but now major league baseball's on parts of comeback on us to basically say we're not gonna take this anymore i find this to be very sort of frankly oddball but it does lead to the larger question about how players treat referees overall in sports media you first heard this story would you think about it i in the first thought which is thinking about rafts in other sports in what's appropriate in terms of criticism in whit where to draw the line and then my second thought was at baseball's and a unique situation right because there's been a debate for quite a while now whether these empires should even be there whether or not we district change over to the robot's you know and whose disappear electron extract zone what the role should be should they of all should they be out of jobs should their jobs change whereas we not we're not having a debate and basketballer football and i think that's kind of the backdrop to this that makes it a little bit complicated because we've also seen players come out and say that they do think it's time to go to robots and clinton i don't know how i feel about that i've i've part of me leans towards thinking there right um and i think that's tied up in this a little bit i think the bore no to also throw in bed joe west the wanna though a legendary on pyros been around for a long time was suspended for his comments about adrian belle trey so i guess is somewhat of not to pull out the both sides argument that is a goes anonymous with bad things but it is true that day they've been reprimanded for the way that they talk about players also but so interesting for this sport particularly that has.

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