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So what are we got Carver high three more shows here Wednesday Thursday Friday, and then we're out that is correct. I can't believe it. And then I cannot believe that all this stuff. That's happening to me tonight that I gotta do all this stuff. I really can't believe it. I don't know. What to say? I'm devastated not only that. I thought we were going to be able to. Wwl leaving later Saturday. So I was gonna play basketball Saturday morning. You did the last. I remember when you went to the club with me and show that a little bit at the steam room sauna hot tub, and then we went to the airport now, we're not going to be able to have that Somavia. We'll play tomorrow night. The ferrall ballers have a game at seven fifteen tomorrow night on Facebook live on ferrallonthebench and will stream summit at. Live. So just you know, I stream it and film it and no one else on the team will cooperate. So when I play no-one films it, and when I film it everyone else is playing some people always ask why aren't you on the on the highlights? It's because no one else will cooperate besides mafia. And he won't do it either. He's not interested in it. And he asked to film the other game. And then our game. You don't really film? It's not true. Do film whenever I'm not in our game. I film, and then I make highlights out of it. Oh, so you show me and highlights on on. The girl whatever. Yes. Cannon whatever the. So the the one I do the Facebook live. You don't do. So that's the one I do for the vans. So they've never seen me in the action. And like you don't even play on the team. So that's the last game. I'll play I will not play Saturday or Sunday or next week. I'll be missing the game. Oh, we have other things going on. There's a lot of places you can move. Places to live other places to play ball. And we'll be doing a lot of Twitter live on the on the trip in Las Vegas. We'll be hitting that Twitter live from Vegas. So you say when you do the icy back as you do that on Twitter live, I do, and it's very popular. Yeah. It's it's been pretty good. I did it the last the last three or four weeks on the weekend. Is it? Converting people to the podcast. I think it helps it I think it's just another outlet that that's helping me. And it's been pretty good. So far people are into it. They want me to do it after every game. But obviously, it's hard for me to do it on weeknights. So do him on the merchandise shirts and hats are going like hotcakes. How's the weed going? That's not very well. Not. It's not a part of it. No, no. If you get the shirt and hat inside the rim. There's a little split. They know are we on the air check one two. All right, Andrew in Shreveport, Louisiana. You're on CBS sports radio. Well, thank you, really. Appreciate that. I love the show, and I'm thankful. I make this quick. All right. All right. I'm a huge patriots fan down here in Louisiana. And there's a lot of that nauseous saints fans worst of the worst there now showing their colors by trying to sign a petition to replay the game. But anyway, they'd be calling breeze. The goat all year despite throwing two hundred twenty five yards. Fewer symtoms this year PC gains Brady twice in sixteen games. Anyway, they're go had a seventy percent chance to win the game after the bad. No call and he threw the game away. Well, I'm really calling about his old time ruled the idiots when he is being on the change. Everyone wants equal fairness. But is there equal big percent chance to win the coin toss even winning it? Does guarantee a win in overtime breeze proved that point breeze win scored a touchdown. They would say, well, I knew he got the ball. He would score touchdown. 'cause I constantly hear what Tom Brady wanted to toss. I knew the game was over without much Pat, Mahomes getting his chance really is that a fact didn't last year Super Bowl having sex by Brady, and what was the better performance. But anyway, I just want to hear your thoughts on on the overtime changing. Well, I don't I don't know if they're gonna change over time. I don't really think there's anything wrong with it to be honest with you. It's simple. A win the toss and go down to that down game over or stop stop stop. I mean, the saints had every chance in a world. They got the ball. I didn't do it. He threw a pick any cost them their season. He threw pigs or whatever it was seven of the last eight games, and that one was the death knell. I mean, that's it. They. He he did not perform as usual level. If you ask me, and I'm sorry. I think he's just fantastic. He's a very good quarterback. He's very exciting. He's got a ring. He's got a championship fair enough. But he is not allowed to be in the same universe. I'm sorry. As Tom Brady. It's not even it is not even. Something that we should discuss. Okay. You got a guy going to his ninth Super Bowl? And this guy went one one. Okay. So it's very impressive. What he did that he wanted Super Bowl. I've always said you win a title in any sport for me. You got respect. No, one can take it away from you. It's that simple. But I'm sorry. You cannot put drew Brees in the same realm. As Tom Brady at all. I mean, literally, he's not even on the. The totem pole. He's not even in the dirt at the bottom of the totem pole. When it comes to talk about comparing him to Tom Brady, please sorry, not even close. I mean, literally, there's all kinds of guys in my view on the pecking order going up to totem pole that have more juice than him. Do you think Aaron Rodgers is better than drew Brees? Everybody else does. I mean better as you more physically gifted than him. Yes. Yes. Do you think the most media and sports fans think that Aaron Rodgers is a better quarterback? Yes, I do too. So that guy's got one too. But they treat him like he's got eleven they they treat that guy. Like, he's got eleven Super Bowls. I've never seen anything like it. I mean, really I mean Rodgers burger has more. Did he beat Rothlisberger? But I still think you know, you got to allied to count them up. That's what people do right? I mean. Everyone counts it how many rings of you one bottom line. It's symbol people. Talk about Marino. He went lost. That's it. You want to one boom. You can't put them in the same breath. Manny in Delray Beach, Florida. Hey man after make a public apology to be all sorts of crap about them. Right. And you know what he's a rock song? Because if you see that over time the way that he caught that ball he do get slammed, but he held on with. And you know, what I feel horrible as a lifelong jets had to say this. But that guy has balls of steel and there's a letdown. The Super Bowl. Maybe just say if he can catch the ball. Maybe they want win it. But at the end of the day, the performance that he did was amazing, and I apologize. He won't be begging groceries. Maybe it will be the manager the supermarket. I dunno. I listen the guy he I've said this a million times he doesn't drop passes. So I don't even know like hate him. I get it. That's fine. But there's no one in my view culture than this guy. Is that a word? I mean, he's so clutch. It's not even funny. Never drops a pass. I don't know. Who's better Edelman gronk neither one of them ever drop a pass when it's a big play. And I think it really benefits him. I've said this over and over that he you're not allowed to touch him. Right. So you hit them at the line of scrimmage. He busts free. And then you can't touch him. So you know, what happens right? He gets open. You're not allowed to touch him. If you hit him, you're gonna get a PI unless you're the saints. And that's all there is doing and then on top of that. He's got the the lock. Of God on his hands. Like that Pont that he never touched allegedly that his thumb he never touched it. Of course, you know, he's lying through his teeth. So he got away with that too. Like, the guys the Teflon Don nothing ever happens to him is the greatest ever. And then he also cheat. And they threw him out of the game. Four games, you spend it right for drug fail is that right? And no one even brings that up. I mean, the guys literally gets away with everything I mean, he sat out his four. And then he's back in it and back at it. And no one can stop him. I mean, the guys just absolutely a rockstar. Whether you like them or not, I mean, it's funny. They got all these other guys they talk about. And he's the most dangerous football player on the field. I mean, it's unbelievable that they try to. Guard him single coverage, and such it's it's act it's laughable. I mean, I've never actually seen in my lifetime. I mean, who's better what white wide receivers better? Who who is it? Fred Belinda cough. Seriously, who's better than that guy that you've ever seen play football? I mean, this guy is unbelievable. He's so good. Does. He not make atom like amendola like he never played. Right. It's like seriously. Like, he makes that guy looked like it just doesn't matter. People talk about how great amendola buzz. You remember when he was catching Brady passes? This guy adamant is it's like unbelievable, then he's got that grizzly Adams. He's rocking did grizzly Adams have a beard. 'cause I can sworn he did. Right. Grizzly Adams had a beard grizzly Adams did have a beard. This. He looked like grizzly Adams to you, your boy Ataman, and I told you last night till he gets all the leg to your boy gets the Primo five star leg. Top shelf. He's like the top shelf. Sammy Hagar type tequila Maas tequila. Eight five five two one two four CBS. Get Johnny bench pick.

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