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That hanna barbera hannabarbera i think barbaro was different guys two guys hanna barbera but like a like a plucky young lady who was making great tv well that makes me fathom the bad news regarding people who are making any content of before nineteen eighty that's disappointing all right now i feel like i have to apologize to lucielle ball who was like thing that made tv happen so just everybody i know lucielle ball is the best and made tv happen thank god for lucille what were we talking about salad there's a place at my one of my grocery stores offers a cup that's a pretty big cup and it has salad dressing like stuff to the top of the cup and then like the the lid that you would put on a frosty where you can feel it up into the lid you know i'm talking because it does make sense to you the straw but it's got the salad dressing in a cup inside of a cap like that and then you pour the amount addressing you want and you put the cap back on and you shake it up and i love this because they've already proportioned everything perfectly for me and the only bad thing is that sometimes there's all those i hate those so much but the chickpea ones are very good so i like this and i kind of wish that alsaleh's came with some kind of shaking system and you know i like that idea i wish that salad came with less salad just because i don't like the lettuce is like the punishment part of the salad like you're you're.

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