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Milnes Pershing and head of prime services explains in today's environment of market volatility Persians prime services is well positioned to support the needs of hedge funds and other alternative investment managers whether it's customized financing or securities lending solutions platform access for business expansion owns Pershing is a prime broker who's committed to this business and agile enough to meet your evolving demands Pershing helps to solve the needs of clients by advocating for them providing unwavering stream deep supply an award winning service it is at the core of everything we do find out what sets Pershing's prime brokerage team learn more about the unique and industry leading solutions for hedge funds and other alternative managers offered by BNY Mellon Spurgeon visit our website Pershing dot com Pershing LLC member FINRA NYSE SIPC pick some people are just born genius is when it comes to this some people listen to Bloomberg businessweek and don't tell you where are we in this and in a cycle right now Bloomberg business with our smart people get to talk about our mental social and governance issues here Messier NGC Kelly how confident are the private equity guys weekday afternoons at two Easter on Bloomberg radio the Bloomberg business Bloomberg radio dot com Bloomberg the world is listening I wasn't prepared to be a care giver I have no idea how hard it would be and what I would need to know things I never thought I was like how to improve your mood and wait for me to stay positive luckily I found the caregiving resource center from a a RP had articles about the basics but also information about the hurdles I was facing caregiving resource center slash care giving articles tips and tools to help you both care for your loved one and care for yourself brought to you by a a RP and the ad council you're listening to Bloomberg long I'm June Grasso federal.

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