Are You a Rock Star or Member of The Band?

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It is Monday. On Monday. Fourteen years I've asked a question. And if you've ignored me for fourteen years, God bless you you are good. You're awfully good because I've been doing this every single Monday. Have you done your homework? Just sit down and just take a few minutes. Maybe five minutes just today maybe after this program has done. And look on yourself just to see how you doing. It's like your mom opening the look at any after she took piano at night right? You know she opened the door, but you pretended to be asleep. You can look at it on yourself say how how doing? Marolles my family roles, my relationships, roles, spiritual roles, my physical rolls, my financial world how many doing my life? Are there things in my life I just really love and he just want to keep so much gratitude for. WanNa make sure they stay in my life or the things that I don't love that much and maybe I'd like to have them go someplace else. But you haven't thought about how to do that yet. When you take a few minutes to self assess where your focus should be. I'll make you this promise. Next week when you do it again, a lot of the stuff that you are concerned about this week that you discovered, it'll be different next week it'll be you'll be on your way you'll be transforming moving in a different direction that's how it works. When you become aware would you like what? You don't like you start making natural changes its natural, right? So do homework. You know what are the ways it all begins is taking control of your time and allowing yourself time to well to be yourself and to spend time with yourself in the do things that are important to you. If you haven't picked up my perfect week planner, go get it. It's motivation and we've DOT COM or perfectly finer dot com. It's a quick little pdf download watch the video. It'll teach you how to gather control of your time and give your life back. It's fast it's simple. You'll see it it a change everything and just a couple of days I promise that. So you rockstar. Or you'll member the band which went are you it's Ok does it really matter which role you play I don't really care. I just WANNA make sure you're moving towards your goals a long long long time ago I remember this I was raising kids. Those of you that are. Probably remember the old George Carlin. Album called am and FM. What happened? Got A kid. What are you GonNa do with a kid. Going to raise them. So I was done I was raising the kid. Micah folks raise my kid I thought what he's eighteen. He's Outta here. He's done right well, that didn't happen. They never go away those who've had kids. It doesn't ended eighteen those you have older kids you know that never stops. But he was gonNA. Move Out. It was time to go out on his own. Conversation about that. The rockstar conversation. So he he's staying out to four in the morning being a rockstar every single night trying to be a rockstar keeping his mom up kind of disrupting the households twenty one years old he wasn't really working or anything. I don't do roommates. Just don't I mean I. Get it. But but this is a little bit disruptive. So because it's okay, I'M GONNA move out I'm going to go to Hollywood and sing on Sunset Boulevard. Yar. Now's a guy who's been all kinds of big dreams in my life and done a lot of things. A lot of experience a had some perspective and I just wanted to say it are you willing to do what it takes to get you to the top? To be that Rockstar. And if you don't get. Do. You think you want to be. Are there any other options that might make you happy I mean what if you independence as as a background player with that? Happy. He said, you know I don't think I would I think I gotta go for my dream said great as long as you know where you're going to go but then we talked a little bit about what may may occur on down the road but he said I gotta go from dreams at on I think you probably should his dad did that I did that I got out of high school and took off and I said I'm going to be a rock and roll radio DJ do morning shows I did all over the country everywhere all kinds of cool stuff had a great time is a Rockstar on the radio star back in the day when that's what they were back then. But you know what? I kind of learned something. My son learned to. As, much as it was really enjoyable as much as I really had a good time doing it. Then frankly as much as I was good and he was good to never forget him. Shooting facetime say hey, look I'm on stage on sunset boulevard singing the song is it how was it goes not what I expected

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