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Bears are five at three they manhandled the Buffalo Bills today, you know, what was good about the bears, and what I liked about that they're down there. One yard line. Whatever it was inside the five, and we actually we actually tried to score touchdown gave the ball to the guy that could run it into the end zone. Right. Get down there. On their throats, put the points on too bad. You know, who to who keyed that play OB you're gonna hate this one the threat of Mitchell Trubisky running froze the cornerback which allowed Jordan Howard is just walk into the answer really Carmen editor show. Yes. What's going to happen? Doctor that I want you to go see. It's a she. She's very help you. Issue will help you through this. Okay. It'll probably take a couple of months. I. And the DA guy on the line of scrimmage had. Yeah. Freeze for the quarterback and Jordan Howard. Darrell Johnson made a big point on on. How you know? I would freeze to I would say, okay. I don't wanna tax Jordan Howard. I'm gonna pretend like go into the courtroom. I'm accounting quarterback that guys too big. I'll go out to that quarterback. They got forty one. However, they got there anyways, they got they got it done for five three. I I never would have believed that, but we are it's nice to be were at now. We're playing Detroit at home here. I'll tell you what that would that. Wouldn't that be great come back home here and demolished Detroit? They should they really should Detroit's playing an awful unbelievable, which I thought there'd be a hell of a lot better. But they're not. Let's what I'll tell you. What a wonderful thing that would be in front of our own fans. Don't wait a minute. We're playing buffalo with their third string worst quarterback in the league. Right. What is Detroit? Do. They trade their best player. Golden Tate could go right. Elliott this year. It's all just right? Law flies up in the air. Here comes affair running by host feed. The play made all year. Realized. The defensive backfield. And he was there to catch the ball. Golden tastes been the lines leading receiver last four years and he had his best season. Well, they're taking a picture. Lost the biking stage transmit involved with that move. Be Jerry Angelo, somebody that we know a couple of things we got to do before we get to the cost first of all Bahrainis restaurant and catering delicious. As always today. The chicken OBI could not say enough about it. When I got here. It was half. Dawn, the chicken was absolutely one of juicy taste, the it was absolutely fabulous. Yes. Delaney's just brings it. How was how was the Tehran was? I only had like six pieces of it. So it was horrible, right? One. Unbelievable. 4-0 sauce is gonna turn to six foot pudding pop. Yes. A little colder. I'll just.

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