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Peru's every day so i'm yeah just cut it out just use more salary i you smart licorice and i think i think especially for people who already has leaky dot org or gastritis or got inflammation that and it is something that that can move the dial is kind of like this concept that if you uh if you have a let's it bacterial imbalance or bacterial overgrowth or bacterial deficiency you might have a period of time that you go through were you just can't eat dairy products because you don't possess the bacteria responsible for producing lactose and then once you repair your gut you might get to the point where you can have like things like rod area and yogurt and cheese and do just fine with it so i think sometimes there's this concept of eliminating certain variables for a short period of time to allow the gut to heal can be beneficial in the same way that you know like not eating meat for certain times of the year having like certain days where you don't eat meat alps with longevity and with detoxification so i think i i just think this whole idea of extremes and die and saying ham never guinea victims again arm never guinea dairy again like unless unless you have like a full bull no i'd i'd ever seven i just said i i i don't monitoring underneath the rest of my life i just said i was going to do it for two months from just north of yogurt on the unitl mine i that's you i use my body to science project i mean if it works for me that i can promoted to page icat promotes happened to my patients if i haven't got myself my opinion i liked the experience and i have a lot of patients who are their goal was to lose weight you you know they may be doing paleo or whatever and they're not getting results essay woods just tried to see how this works spent working for me not that i need to lose any way uh i mean wade when fifty eight five five south thing i actually really i i liked the book i i think.

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