Steve Nash, Ben Simmons, Jay Shaun Tait discussed on Open Floor: SI's NBA Show


I feel okay about where they are in the short term. I think i'm a little more i mean there. There's long-term is just a total unknown. So it's hard to say whether i'm not whether i'm bullish or not But i do like christian. Would i do like ola depot. I think john was played. Pretty well. It's you know. I am really intrigued by just their brand of basketball and you know how physical they are with. Pj nawab Tate are just horses out there. And that's really fun to watch but i just i think like when you're you know on a on a just like a pure talent level. I would not be surprised if they kind of stumbled and fell off a little bit. Their defense has been really good but they had. They've had a lot of three point luck. Where opponents just aren't making any shots against them and i think that that's just that that has nothing to do with how they're playing defense they're schemes or anything like that so i could see them coming back to earth on both ends pretty soon. Which is kind of a bummer but long-term like who knows what what this team can do with those draft picks and the aggression that the front office has shown It's gonna be fun to see what happens. Yeah i think they're going to run out of gas here at some point with the chip on the shoulder stuff. I mean that can last for a while but like ultimately talents gonna win out They're coming back to earth but that's not the end of the world. I do think it's going to be an awfully long time before. They're like a relevant factor in like a playoff chase. I mean it could be years and years and years and years from that standpoint. Would you have just tried to make it work with harden. Do you regret the heart and trade in any way michael. Now that it's happened. Was it the right decision. Like i was trying to sell you for a couple of months because trying to talk ourselves into jay shaun tait and maybe it's going be resigning all the deep. I mean that that's a different life you know that's reality. Did set in your counting down until the twenty twenty seven draft. Could you have just taken a harder. Line and ben tougher with james harden. What do you think. I don't know i i guess the other question is you know. Do you take phillies package. Whatever philly was offering which. That's ben simmons plus some other stuff and how you feel about that. It's just it's really difficult to kind of look so far down the line knowing you own. I mean we've talked so much about the nets since they made that trade and last night. The nets i mean yes bad. That game was like the data. Me of what. I thought the brooklyn nets with local with the with those three So maybe having like owning their entire futures going to be a very good thing for houston. We don't know. I'm glad you brought that up. That brings me to my next regret. Brooklyn hiring steve nash. look look. Here's the thing i'm not saying. It's a regret forever you know. He's a rookie coach. There's going to be some growing pains on the job. I promise you that. If steve nash sticks as a a winning head coach and he becomes the next steve. Kerr whatever else you wanna say..

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