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Three getting down to I twenty hi Mike chilled to ninety five point five W. as look at this I'm looking at Chiron graphic on fox right now Seattle's schools suggest that math is a tool of oppression right mathematics is a tool of oppression Seattle school gonna be it's gonna be a way to oppress women right because math is hard for women the Barbie dolls told us that years ago you're gonna get a Barbie doll we went and bought one you pull the strings of talking Barbie pull a string on the back of my math class did Hari okay was a Hillary Clinton sound alike Hey folks up when company visitors come to your house for the holidays you want them comfortable would you like to entertain right there maybe not maybe family come should dread it but maybe when other people come in all my what ever you still when they get there you want them to have an enjoyable time you want things to be comfortable for them you don't want to be too comfortable you don't want to extending their stay but you want them to be comfortable you I'm gonna give you a suggestion here Bolan branch sheets bottom on the beds you can get ball on brands sheets for two hundred fifty Bucks a sap and you'll get fifty Bucks off your first set so figure two hundred dollars I'm on the sheets put on the beds in the guestrooms tell people there bear and I guarantee you they will notice the sheets stable think they're staying in a five star hotel suite they will think they are top line department store sheets there that softly get softer is you use them as you clean them order a center to a ball and brand sheets for the gas coming to visit this holiday because these are the same **** you would find in that five star hotel.

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