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So instead of saying to themselves geez i wonder what's going on here we've got we got terrible schools we got a crime problem we've got nothing in the way of reform on the horizon nothing we've got ineffective bureaucracies overseen by ineffective leadership maybe we should do something that actually begins to build up the foundation of the city so that not only the people not want to leave lots of people want to come but that requires taking a hard look at the failure of education taking a hard look at the failure of progressive policy in the name of white privilege of savvy white privilege or whatever it is taking a hard look at the conditions that create a entrenched criminality and instead of doing what you're doing milwaukee do all the opposite just until the opposite if you're if you're progressive inclination is to roll back on policing in the streets do the opposite if you're progressive in inclination is to have more condom education do of the opposite teach absence and said if you're inclination is to try to just find ways to trap people in milwaukee because they are going to leave otherwise duly opposite create incentives start will look at the models of school choice and start using some of those models in milwaukee in the first thing the city of milwaukee school district gotta do is fight back against the federal government for telling it to shut down its discipline policies file a lawsuit in ask for brad schimmel to defend the city of milwaukee and that lawsuit it's not going to happen it's a pipedream it's a pipe dream because a progressive political machine has control the city and the county milwaukee so it's a pipedream so unless you're willing to fight back against the power politics of a political machine and recognize that it takes it enormous effort to fight back against the power politics political machine unless a state legislature recognizes what's going on unless the residence of milwaukee recognize what's going on then it's just different shades of your work and you can spitshine at a.

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