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Those are like the two things before nine hundred ninety one where bill had got there and then his. His bigger influences actually didn't kickoff until now to which is after. Bill and ted got there. And that's when he started getting more attention and he founded the international psychoanalytic association in nineteen ten. Which is like this whole organization of say houses which is still around today yet. None of that happened. He actually sigmund. Freud probably went have been like a big name. Like people might not have noticed disappeared because they took him before he is well known so the next person again they picked up the took. A lot of people from history next person is beethoven said. They went to a ten in kassel germany. And beethoven his fiftieth that point and he probably would have had because he's known to hearing wasn't decorate and he started to lose his hearing in eighteen. O one so he probably would have had bad hearing. I don't think he would have been completely deaf at that point but obviously beethoven was incredibly influential in the music world. It's kind of hard to trace like correlations to modern music. But i imagine music would be very different next. Joan of arc so they went to fourteen twenty nine in orleans. France who joan of arc shoe seventeen and if you don't know who. Joan of arc shoe. She reportedly received visions from archangel. Michael saint margaret at saint catherine of alexandria telling her to support charles. The seventh and to protect france from english rule during the hundred years war and her victories. In one hundred years war ended a boosting morale lot and eventually led to the french victory and the end of the hundred years war and then and then two years after when bill would have arrived she actually got captured burned at the stake for her crimes. I guess against england but a pre presumably she would have been taken before that so bill and ted saved her life they might have not one hundred years war maybe hard to tell but she will live past nineteen which is good after joan of arc..

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