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Shared storytelling. She also co host and co creator of the rosario dawson produce talk. Show the assembly her first book. You deserve the truth with by the way is is marvelous. It described my life to a truly erie. Degree was published by simon and schuster in may twenty nineteen and puts the power of story back into the hands of the people exploring how to engage with the dominant cultural narratives of our time to build an authentic life worth living. She's a self proclaimed armchair theologian and preacher preacher's daughter for life as a double became myself. That's another thing that i find. I share greatly in common with her. She resides in los angeles with her high school. Sweetheart husband is on the board of color. Change oregon. Npr's generation listen. Erica welcome to this conversation. And could you share with us briefly. Why you're excited to be here. In particular in conversation with casper and in an introduction for it i appreciate it so much I would start by saying. I'm excited to be here in that. That's just the thing you say. And i will be honest. If you were talking to me yesterday. I might not said that. This is an interesting moment in one that is full of so many emotions but i am excited to be here because it is good to be in community was folks who are imagining who are questioning are curious Who have something inside of them that says regardless of what is happening in perhaps because of what is happening in the world around us. I want to be here. And i wanna share and i wanna learn And i couldn't think of a person a better person to do that. Within casper with someone that i love deeply a dear friend of mine but also someone that i learned from on a regular and consistent basis is unfair that he lifted up my book because is in the back and i forgot to go. Get it about it. You will hear it. I also encourage you to get it. And i can't wait to chat more within two there so i hope now you're excited to hear a little more about our second. Guess casper kyle. He is helping build a world of joyful belonging in.

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