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What a terrific job by that need be sideline spotting that which you might to low does a you just give me a call give the officials attention so instead of a third eleven it's thirteen thirteen official two forty eight to go Kansas state down by three he position here for the cats they already converted the fourth in the one on this drive now they face third thirteen from the twenty one trips to the left Thompson this now let's assume he's in trouble with the players it incomplete will boy the sack it's going to be for them that was Nash that came through on the blitz with the pressure and I love what maybe did defense with a run this'll UFO defense what I mean by that is they spread out everybody and they have guys is running around like crazy just try to kind of create some confusion for Schuyler Thompson it worked they got the pressure a complete pastels got going to force a field goal attempt if twenty nine yarder from the right hash marks for Blake links eighteen of twenty during the regular season seven to lose the holder Wesley snapper here's the kicker using your time two twenty seven to go here in the first half navy ten and Kansas state ten it's a five oh three off the clock it's a forty nine yard drive convert a fourth down and Kansas state ties the game with two twenty seven to go to a break it felt like for a moment that Kansas state really had something cooking there on offense special this short throws on the outside got to give a lot of credit though to that maybe defense because when they had to the boat up we got in around the thirty yard line and got the the course tackle for loss got the review and now of course title game was good out of the sun once again here's Taylor does and you mentioned the confusion that this navy defense was providing for scholar Thompson and Stevens of coordinator Brian Newberry said that.

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