Boston - Count Continues in District 4 Congressional Race; Auchincloss Narrowly Leads Mermell


Goes on in the close. Fourth Congressional District primary race three communities involved as we hear from W. B. Z TV's Michael across Newton and Wellesley have both completed their counting. And between the two communities. Jake talking. Klaus picked up 174 votes. Jesse more Mel picked up 200. And 40 votes were still waiting on the results out of Franklin. That process is still underway. We were able to get all 750 of those stamped in sordid and sent out to the polls, election workers in three communities spending the day counting ballots in the fourth Congressional District race. Well, I think the biggest lesson that before all over the state is this was a Very large burden on every city and town clerk here in the state court order at the request of Secretary of State William Galvin, allowing the balance to be processed in Newton, Wellesley and Franklin. These votes were turned in before the polls closed, but we're not counted before the end of the night Tuesday. Right now. The race is still too close to call with Jake talking Kloss leading Jesse Mur Mel. We're so grateful to the city and town clerks to Secretary Galvin and state leader this afternoon Normal stood outside Newton City Hall and said her team will fight to have every vote counted. We also believe based on conversations we've had with leaders in several communities that there may be even more uncounted ballots in communities across the district. And that's deeply concerning toward democracy and to our shared goal of getting this election, right Jake Cock and Klaus releasing a statement this afternoon, saying every vote in Massachusetts forthe lawfully submitted before 8 P.m. on Tuesday night must be counted. We are confident that our full district campaign will be victorious when the results are announced he secretary of State's office and they tell me that they're counting 3000 mail in ballots down in Franklin. Representatives from the secretary's office are there to help oversee that process, And they've also brought in a neighboring town clerk to help observers well Governor

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