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I need information I needed five minutes ago through this is, um I talk dirt alert and everything. Entertainment update Heard at the top of every hour on my talk 1071. So what's new in your world? Well, Stevie Nicks has gotten in on the fleet would back action of dreams. She's now joined Tic Tac. And if you've seen it's cute little video she is putting on some roller skates in the video. She has a grand piano in the background, a bunch of candlesticks, glass covered plants and Ah, staircase, which has an ocean side scene on it. I mean, there's a lot to unpack here in this. Yes, I like her like purple tight she had on these amazing cool on this is all has to do with the TIC Tac star Nathan Apodaca posted a video of him listening to the song while skateboarding toe working drinking cranberry juice. So he is now has following costumes and he's selling of his full get up like like he has made that money. That's awesome. Dogface to await, right? Yes, yes Face handle. Uh, Bob Barker wasn't the first choice to fight Adam Sandler and happy Gilmore. The script as written had written in Ed McMahon. But he never responded to their offer. And then in this original script happy Gilmore was supposed to win the fight. But when Bob came on, he refused to lose. I love it. Yes, The price is wrong, Bob just destroys. Um Okay, so the house we did all of you watch the fast times at Ridgemont High, like live broadcasting or my money. About half of it. Okay. Well, you probably remember the scene from the movie. There's the house where Linda caught Brad enjoying himself in the bathroom. It's on the market now, and the pool is still there. The asking price is 740,000. So if you're super into that movie and got some cash, check it out. All right. That's the latest dirt you could find more honor app in my talk one of 71 dot com For my talk dirt alerts at the top of every hour and.

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