The Washington DC Region Is Under Tornado Watch, Flash Flood Warning


It's going to be a stormy evening around the region. There is a threat of tornadoes. But right now we've got that severe thunderstorm warning. Let's get the latest from Mike's Jennifer and Good evening southern Fairfax County, Central Prince William County, which includes the cities of the NASA, Manassas Park, under a severe thunderstorm, warning until 7 15 deceiving A powerful thunderstorms stretches from Knoxville to Linden Hall to the NASA's. It's moving off to the east at 50 Miles an hour any time that we see a strong moving that fast, we can almost guarantee that you'll see wind damage. So of Manassas Park, Clinton, Burke Watch out, and eventually, this cell may appreciate Springfield. And new intent. Lord and Lakeridge, too, So keep a close eye on their behind this cell. There's a powerful thunderstorm near Remington right now between remission and Culpepper, the moving off to the east at around 45 miles an hour. These cells may start to rotate, and if they do, they may become super cells who may see some more tornado warnings. Come out. So the tornado watch continues for the entire region until 10 o'clock tonight, the good news that the first band of storms is moving off to these very quickly. So our eastern suburbs will get a brief break. But now we'll watch the western suburbs of the possibility of some severe thunderstorms over the next few hours and I'll be back in just a couple of minutes. With your complete forecast. Say Mike while we have you here, of course. So we had that raid off radar confirmed Tornado in the Annapolis area. What more do you know about it right now? Nothing Here. I've checked the storm reports out of the national weather Service that we've not nothing. It's going to be until we get somebody out there and take a look around. See if they're that there was any wind at which the will find out if we didn't get any damaged all so a lot of these. Ah, tornadoes with these cells are f zero Any F once they don't have really high winds. But they just shows rotation, which is always a concern anything for so we'll keep an eye on that for you. But as of right now, we've had no confirmed damage reports from that

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