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Cha You know me of course from BTV INFORMATICA as you're humble host on the show. Welcome back to our continued coverage of the two thousand twenty NFL draft. We are here to discuss the Dallas cowboys. Third Round selection with the eighty second overall. Pick America's team took Oklahoma Defensive Tackle Neville Gallimore and we brought in a very special friend to get into it and so I don't want to waste any time. Let's talk some Gallimore with the one. And only bobby right here on the OJ. Pleased to be joined now by the internationally famous. You know him he definitely knows details about your life that you may not even know yourself the one only NFL network producer. Bobby Belt Robert. How does your draft experience? It is great. It's been a pretty awesome couple of days. I think we you and I already talked about this. A little bit but I think the country needed this. This is a nice little Escape kind of normal sports relations. And it's been it's been awesome. Yeah I really enjoyed Friday like the whole day. Just like the proverbial water cooler. You know what I mean like. That was crazy. You know like the water cooler. This did again and then we got the draft again at night and then like Monday. We're GONNA have all reaction from the dry. It's going to be good like I as much as the. Nfl got killed early on for the decision. They're going to go forward the draft. I think everybody realizes that was a good call. Well so we've already recapped. The cowboys draft picks in the first and second round of the twenty twenty. Nfl draft discussed CD lamb. We've discussed the younger digs. And we are now here. Robert to discuss the eighty second overall selection in the draft house cowboys taking Oklahoma Defensive Tackle Naval Gallimore. Your thoughts I like Gallimore and I think he was good value whereas probably would have been happy with him as a selection on the first or second round. Obviously since you know he was hanging around on third but I think he has good value in the third round and there was talk. Lena the last couple of days of the drafty Savi White Daniel Jeremiah. And Tom Zero talking about that. You know there was buzz that maybe gallimore could sneak into the back end of the first or early second round and so teams did like him and so I think the Dallas did get good value there and they certainly are desperate. I think for help along. Interior defensive line with me collins leaving Christian Covington kind of his status unknown and Tristen Hill Beam Tristan Hill They definitely need help. They're on the interior. Yeah I feel like you UH Out One third round defensive tackle in me and bringing another one similar color schemes collegiately. Obviously not the exact same I. I guess this isn't necessarily about Neville specifically but you mentioned Tristen Hill. I just find it and I mean. I don't think you live with a mistake just so that you don't admit failure but it is kind of crazy that it was this night a year ago that the cowboys drafted Tristan Hill. And here we are and they signed. Two defensive tackles in agency and spent their third round. Pick on one. I don't know that there's a louder siren that they could Blair that screams. That was a big mistake. Well and I think it's the biggest advocate in the building for him. The Guy who really wanted him to be here any more And so and that's obviously Rod Marinelli and so and even still at the time they talk about well. This wasn't just Rod. We make because Crystal Shard was onboard. Jew Okay Well Christie Shards gone now too. So there's really nobody that was really pounding the table for him and I think they are kind of shield with a little bit of regret on that pick and I. I think that we're rapidly. Seen things play out for him in a similar fashion to how they play Taco Charleston And I don't think the Tristan Hill is long the Dallas cowboys. So you are an expert on a lot of things but the NFL draft was Kinda like But the draft is sort of your your main wheelhouse I would say is your friend and close confidant So impressed me then impress me give something about Neville Gallon more. That only bobby would know. Because you're you're that guy that knows that type of stuff I I feel like I I'm GonNa say thank you for the Slow pitch under know hands off all that you're talking to me 'cause you already now. I've got the greatest nugget on Neville Gallimore rent. So Yeah He. He's been training next door to the Star at these sports performance center At Baylor Scott and white the star which is the same area that you see all these videos have guys working out usually does is coming onto the field as Neville gala warrenton draft prospects. Were leaving in fact when I started working out there gallimore which I think I reference to you. How prospects stopping down kind of shooting video gallimore was one of those is like Oh my. Gosh. That's Brian and so But he's been working out with Pete Jenkins and they longtime legendary defensive line coach at the college level spent. I think like two years with the Eagles in two thousand eleven thousand twelve But his main claim to fame is in the defensive line coach for a number of years through a couple different stops at Lsu and this is the doubly fun note that a lot of people don't realize p Jenkins is the man who in the nineteen eighties recruited one. Brian brought us to Louisiana University. And so we've gotTA BRIAN BROUGHT US naval gala more connection VIP Jenkins. Wow okay. Well I not only knew that you knew that but you know still fascinated. I mean having heard it for the second time so that is really cool. I won't tell you I will tell you even found that out. Though was I was on the phone with Brian asking him if he wanted to come. Check out these guys working out and I said and he said I can't make today instead I I p Jenkins and he stopped and he said p Jenkins bid the old defensive line coach and I said Yeah and he said he recruited me Alessi's like I didn't even know he was living in Dallas now. So Brian had no idea teaching because even in Dallas forget and was really excited to find out that he was was helping to connect with them again by actually out via Bryant but it was through chance. Good Times. I'm GONNA hard pivot for a second. We're talking we jumped onto record literally right after. Gama was taken by the cowboys. Just now Bobby. New England Patriots traded and drafted. Ucla TIGHT END Devin Siasi. That hurts the cowboys. Yeah so I mean you've been on that hunt for a while. I just wanted to get that out there. A lot of people talking like oh where is the GRONK REPLACEMENT GONNA come? I mean you know they could start to go down that path but okay so back the gala he's listed over three hundred pounds but as I understand. He is quite athletic. And maybe it doesn't move like he's over three hundred true And I also think that if you were to go look up some of his testing numbers from the combine. They're not impressive But I think that's more about there was a lot of poor testing numbers at the combine this year because public changed it up guys. We're working out at night. And they were physically fatigued and mentally fatigued from everything that have been going on throughout the day. So I don't hold those numbers too much against him and also he does move better than his. I think Testing Times. He better field athlete than you know and Underwear Olympian. But he is a he's a big man. You're GONNA notice them. I would bet he's the biggest guy on the defensive line. Now and he'll he'll move nimbly he moves better than Taco Charleston and so You know what it's actually interesting. I feel like they're not the same player. Because I feel like Gallimore can be more of a one technique and more of a run steph or if necessary but he he's he's big and moves really well for a size in the same way. That Tristan held us. But I think that he didn't do the better player interest until well it. Is You know it has been? I should say a really interesting first. Three rounds of the draft for a Mike McCarthy in his first season with the cowboys give me your thoughts on digs just You know briefly because I know that you guys are Brian. I'm thrilled because that was as a player that I know they were considering a fallback or trade back option at seventeen so they got right away right away. Everybody's everybody's super hyped about what you said. Yeah after they've got guys that's two guys that they considered top twenty picks that they were able to get you know at seventeen and fifty one and and obviously guy in lamb that they considered as the sixth best overall player that they got at seventeen and then the guy that considered around the seventeenth. Best player that they're able to get a fifty one so Great value they're really raw player But I mean has all the tools and this little box. I don't know that he's GonNa step in next year and be a starter right. I think he is probably going to have to require some seasoning. A little bit But the ceiling is a very very high for him because the tools are all there and he's only been playing defensive back for like three years He's a big Fan of Dallas. Cowboys always wanted to be here was hoping and praying. This is where he'd end up. And of course as you know the younger brother of Stefan Digs and Yeah and I felt bloodlines. The perfect skill set that you want and tools that you wanted the cornerback position and a guy who's really eager to learn more and become a better player. I don't remember it fully out the top of my head but I know that you do. I think I do but I'll let you take it. What was the obscure stat about Alabama players about? What the cowboys and the steelers? Drafting them. All Man I don't remember it. Well maybe I can remember it was. It was something like since a certain year and it was a long time ago the cowboys in St Louis Teams. That hadn't drafted player. Smell Obama an cowboys drunk scarborough. They drafted both scarborough and they ended that. I can't remember it must have been O. One zero two yeah. I kind of draft Tony Dixon. Now's the last Alabama player. They took him in the second round. The safety and so Yeah it was the Pittsburgh in Dallas and on a very long stretch when drafting the Alabama plays in Dallas. Actually got a long stretch of really having any Alabama players on their roster. I think he may be missing remembering this but I'm pretty sure that before. They drafted scarborough. Who didn't even make it to the fifty three the last player on the roster from Alabama I think was London Mcclain so on the digs episode. Here and so it. It's kind of funny. Because as long as they had Jason Garrett there and he's a Nick Sabin disciple they. They never really were able to make it work. That's again exactly what I said. I think it's obvious to people that were good friends. So there you go but okay last thing for you you know beyond just never gallimore your thoughts three rounds in on what the cowboys have done with. Lamb digs and.

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