Total Hunk On Roof Deck Outside Our Window

The Topical


Compassion. Kindness and what one little girl with a one in a million rare genetic condition wants the world to know that's the story we weren't GonNa Bring you today but never mind that now because we've just received some urgent breaking news outside our studio window, a total honk has been spotted on the roof deck us and Oh boy, he is just our type. OPIE are hunk expert. Marcy Hammond joins us now marcy welcome thanks Lansley. We are live at the scene at the OPR office plastered against the windows and staring down at the rooftop of the building across the street where this great a beefcake station the news first broke out about five minutes ago when we spied something dark and handsome, the blinds is that our lucky day or what luck Or perhaps, an act of God, is placed this divine piece of Man, meet in full view before us and sources have confirmed, he is a certified hottie. Mostly, I'm not afraid to say I can't stop staring and won't now come a little closer stud. So we can count those APPs

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