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But we even go a step further with this package they also come down on a personalized dress rehearsal for two nights nobody else is there so a little bit unlike regular wedding dress rehearsal program this is exclusive to them and we will bring in the shaft and the spa manager and anybody necessary behind the scenes at the resorts to help understand what the vision is of the wedding couple for their special day so it really takes it a little bit further unbelievable programs and i know gotcha which we we could we could talk about this the entire hour but hey i do want to switch gears a little bit it's still within the wedding destination theme but faith we as i was telling you earlier today we just got back from punta cana and we went to that incredible nickelodeon property there and do you do destination weddings also at a like nickelodeon property oh my gosh yes that is an absolutely favorite spot the beach you saw absolutely incredible we have a wedding does yvo right there on the beach we have a top sti wedding locations just for weddings right there beachfront that's three hundred sixty degrees you absolutely amazing you know i think people from maybe a little bit confused when they hear the name nickelodeon and they think oh it's just a you know young kids family vacation absolutely not we do a ton of destination weddings they're very popular location and it's great for really any kind of getaway i've been there doing girlfriend getaway so you know it's it really caters any of the product is amazing and yes of course it's absolutely great if you have children as well obviously the nickelodeon experience is wonderful and waterpark and everything so but destination wedding it's the perfect way to bring just making weddings family reunions when you think about it really you know what it is i would even call it a family and friends lamey infringe reunion is actually a better.

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