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That well, David No, they don't make a good combination at all, especially on a Friday before holiday weekend. Mass. Pike westbound, seeing a very difficult ride heavy and slow from route 1 20 to pass route to 90 52 minutes to get from route 9 to 19. That's only about 21, 22 miles or self. The pike East Bona crash on the ramp to 1 28 and in the city, the pike eastbound slow to a crash on one of the ramps at 93. The O'Neill Tunnel on Soldiers Field Road eastbound Jam to a work crew taking the right lane by the BU bridge. Expressway southbound, Not bad, northbound under a 20 minute ride. The worst of that is getting into downtown. But what about Route three, and the Cape will find out about that from the WBZ NewsRadio Road report has dropped as I've been mentioning for the last few reports, Things have eased out pretty nicely at the Sagamore Bridge. It's the rest of Route three that won't cooperate. At this point. It's still slow from Route 18 down to Derby Street. Hang on. And then we have delays that start right before 1 39 in Pembroke, and that goes on again off again all the way down in diploma. You don't really get out of that into your down at the ground Long Pond road. How about the other way to the Cape? That's 4, 95 and route 25 to the born bridge. 4 95 southbound still backed up beyond route 24 Bridgewater down into the Middleborough lane drop. It's heavy on the born bridge, getting across the center span and into the barn Rotary, Kristen AC and the WBZ NewsRadio rotary part heading to the North 4 95 northbound slowed through local and then from 93 past, Ward Hill and 95 north on heavy for three miles to the Hampton Tolls. That's much better than earlier. But then still a lot of company from Portsmouth to York, Maine. David Stuff Alino WBZ traffic on the threes. They get a check Now the four day WBZ accurate the forecast brought to us by the Worcester Art Museum. Dave Samuel is with us. You know, April showers are really nice. Too bad They're here in the beginning of July..

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