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Hey, John. Hey, Good evening, Steve. How are you, My friend. Oh, good, buddy. How you doing? I'm doing Well, Steve, do you think it's sooner? The better. I mean, it's this state while the state state has taken such a beating financially with all the businesses and all the restrictions, I mean, you got to go back to normalcy. ASAP. Otherwise, all the revenue that's predicted to be made over the summer is going to get ruined again. These poor business owners and these places down the shore and like your last caller said, how do you make any kind of vacation plans? When you don't even know what's going on in the state, as far as any restrictions of concerns very, very unfair is very difficulty of people make decisions and another topic you gotta cover tonight. Steve is the Lack of support for the front line. Essential workers through this whole pandemic stood over a year. Now that they've been under siege. Is Steve working all kinds of overtime and weekends and holidays and crazy hours. And a lot of them coming down with the virus, you know, And I'm not talking about the nurses and the doctors and the empties and the police officers and firefighters, which is very vital and important. Of course. What about these warehouse workers? I mean, Amazon has done a horrendous job. Channeling their workforce two months of has obtained them, They cut them off. I mean, that's wrong certainty that there's gotta be some kind of fun put together whether it's through the state of the federal government. These people need Monets every release. Absolutely. And I'm glad you brought that up. A simple thank you or or a pin. I saw a ceremony yesterday without putting pins on that consulting a thank you A handshake and a pin is not It's not enough of a reward and thank you for what these people have been doing. And if they continue to do No, I totally agree. I totally agree, John. I'm glad you brought it up. But I'm glad you got that out now. Thanks for calling New Jersey One on 1.5. What do you want it to a 31 on 1.5. John. Hang out. Do you believe that New Jersey will be fully open by the Memorial Day weekend? I do. Give me your opinion. It's 7 30. Now the latest New Jersey news from NJ one on 15 dot com. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo continuing to avoid public appearances, as state Democrats, and those in his party, above that level, continue to turn on the governor amid sexual harassment allegations. Governor Murphy, causing accusations concerning a New Jersey based charity named after a young Middletown man who lost his life in Iraq in 2005. Is putting out an urgent call for help cover 19 is cut into donation efforts for nearly a year. Now the Lieutenant Dennis W. Zelinski, the second memorial fund, provides support to veterans and sends goods, overseas toe active troops. People just assume that the United States government sends all of the needs. To our troops, and that's not true. Then it's his mother. Marion says The fund also has to absorb shipping costs for good shipped overseas. A six year old who fell asleep on a school bus in Jackson woke up to find herself in a bus yard late Monday afternoon alone. After the substitute bus driver failed to walk the bus and check for kids. According to the Lakewood.

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