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Internet and matt drudge today tweeted out a picture of his former partner andrew breitbart who for those of you who don't know i used to work with andrew and andrew got his start working as the editor of the drudge report with matt drudge they changed the world those two and matt drudge tweeted out a picture of andrew breitbart uh from this photo shoot of his book photo that was never a officially used but it it had died he was pulling opened his shirt with a superman emblem underneath but had said b for andrew breitbart and matt drudge said the terrific larry sullivan suzy breitbart will take breitbart into the fresh future has it really been ten years since andrew told me on santa monica pierre he was going to do it uh that to me is matt drudge signalling to the world and most importantly to larry sullivan suzy breitbart who are the effective half owners of breitbart news suzy being andrews widow and larisa love being the person who inherited the company from andrew as his business partner after andrew's death he's signalling to them you've got to take over this company you've got to take it back from bannon bannon's got to go so so you got limbaugh you've got drudge and now you've got the lead headline at drudge that says bannon out at breitbart it with a question mark um i'll grant you now that links to an article at the wall street journal with quotes from unnamed staffers at breitbart uh who say that uh they think that he might not make it through the day staffers at breitbart which mr bannon is called his killing machine described the chaotic day at the company with writers many person recruited by mr bannon wondering whether he would last the day uh the board a again including billionaire benefactors of robert and rebecca mercer have been debating all day about whether to keep him according to this wall street journal article they and other breitbart news network board members on thursday were debating whether to oust mr bannon as chairman with many supportive of the move according to a person familiar with the exchanges mr mercer who is.

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