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O. B. this is a call with news ally from the BBC in London now you might think not least as a result of listening to this program too much that we are in the midst of a particular kind of darkness well has the Leonard Cohen there it goes there is a crack in everything that's how the light gets in well on the lookout for light we found it today in the small coastal town of Padstow in Cornwall in the west of England it's here that a Michelin star chef and restauranteur pool Haynes west decided to use his skills to provide free meals for the most vulnerable in his community how did you choose who those meals would go to three social media didn't put anything too heavy we just put please this is for the the makes the need that the elderly the people that self isolating and do you know what it was at that the shares you get if you wanna see I can safely say that we've done thousands of of mails we've we've done pieces souls it can happen in happier times you you have been awarded a Michelin star back in twenty thirteen how much are you modifying what it is that you're making for the people who who could really do with with a nice meal you don't change it if I'm honest you know it can be a Michelin starred at the restaurant I think when you do you cook so what kind of on and off you just cook lot that naturally I think is well let me and my guys that help me get in my taking the volunteer to help me do this this is gonna sound bite real kind of sub you based on your you just generally knowing that you're doing something really good so you kind of just what you should always be cooking with love you if you don't then it's not worth doing and how many people are you cooking for and how often last week we were cooking every day got to the end of the week in the said right let's let's just let's just have a right now it's gonna come down we put a lot of serious Samantha fee gener outback so gonna stop again distress day because I wanted it to be consistent as well as the state wanted to be done to make it the beginning and that nasty side effects that you were going to do hi I'm we call four hundred and eighty Polish to distribute wow that's quite a lot of work yeah yeah it is it looks like he's just trying to it's just gonna stay positive stay motivated keep maven and just like you know do you know do what we can but at the same time the bit on finding not difficult but just trying to get that balance surveys is trying to do a good thing but not put anyone in danger and who's who's actually paying for all of this currently ma'am my wife's side when the Austin all supplies to help us out you know sometimes if we do like a charity event you know the all supplies will get involved in the United but you've got a night to me inside one week days everybody is in the same bag no matter who you are you insane but say for me it's not well not shiny to support my supplies not be asking them to die tonight because actually there in the same boat as what we are and give me a sense of the kinds of responses that you've been getting from people who all probably on the whole feeling pretty confused and and and concerned about the situation they find themselves in case but the taste of happiness lex's Sarah sent me the users nice less is that people of reason there's one lady she's nineteen and she said it was the best fish pie should every sin that it might I cry and she said that when you know when he's older she's definitely an event trap house and comes what you know comes off this was the lady rock and she was a she's ninety six she is out I think that I get lost in our three back from it you know people are enough people read the three shows and you know and and then you know.

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