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Profits. This year key piece of information yet to be determined is when these planes will be fixed and allowed to fly again. Marketplace's Jack Stewart has more Boeing's building. Forty two seven thirty seven max planes a month, but nobody's taking delivery Christner's from Skift Ellen weekly each of those aircraft that sitting on a tarmac is not sold at as not cash coming into the company Boeing's fix to the planes and costs flight controls west still needs. So typically. By global regulators. But I lines may not immediately accept it says Kevin Michael's of dynamic advisory airlines today are under significant pressure from the travelling public to get this right Boeing's. Also under pressure over the seven eighty seven production line in South Carolina. The company says a recent New York Times report on shoddy manufacturing practices that paints a skewed an accurate picture. I don't think that this policy issue is related to the issue. And that everything is falling apart of Boeing, Kevin Michael says, he's watching other expenses of the seven thirty seven. Max crashes reduced bogging power with allies and the costs of compensation on gesture for marketplace. Boeing stock is up one and a half percent today after the hit a record high yesterday. Things are a little more muted today. The Dow at the moment up thirteen points, the s&p five hundred is up just two points. The NASDAQ composite is up let's see seven points or a tenth of a percent. Kohl's department store is worked out a deal with the competitor. Amazon. If you want to return something to Amazon it happens, you can take it to Kohl's. But listen.

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