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Killed herself after shooting three people at youtube she actually shot people at youtube because youtube was denying her her rightful fame in the world this woman was not a child she was not a millennial she was thirty nine years old she's a gen xer she was so convinced that if not for youtube obvious censorship of her youtube channel she would have been a star she's like the norma desmond of youtube only she was never a star to begin with so she can't clean to the stardom she'd ever had she was an animal rights activist a body builder and completely back poop crazy i mean bat poop crazy her brother told reporters that she was always complaining that youtube ruined her life ruin her life i mean come on come on she didn't even know any of these people she was just angry that her her own oh her rightful place among the big time stars like she was concerned because miley cyrus was not getting censored yet she was getting centered this is just nuts we just nuts i feel terrible for the people youtube of now been terrorized by this because this is not the kind of thing you just put out of your mind it really isn't.

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