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They're going to run the football and that is just part of the system. I mean, just look back at the Mike Shanahan years with Denver and Washington. Different guy every year. And even this, you know, even with Kyle, you know four seasons that he's been the head coach. He's he's had four different leading rushers. And guess what? This year there will be 1/5 because I don't think it's don't think the leading Russia at the end of season is going to be Raheem Mostert, and I don't think the leading Russia at the end of season is going to be Jeff Wilson. So you know anybody other than the three guys that are going to be active on Sunday are going to be traced. Sermon ELISA, Malaysia, Mitchell and Michael Hasty. And again, I guess if it's uh if it's Elijah Mitchell stays healthy at this point. I think he's going to be the leading Russia this season, so no, I don't think it changes at all. And at some point help is going to be on the way to you know, they hope to get Mostert back middle of the season. Same thing with Jeff Wilson. They hope to get him back. So, uh, I just I think that the other their formula is with outstanding offensive line when it comes to run blocking in the actual yesterday. They're pretty good impact. Great yesterday. Yeah. Yeah. So with that run, blocking offensive line. It was basically 1/6 offensive lineman it in George Kittle. Now I don't think it changes at all. I think there that the formula stays the same, regardless of who it is that they're handing the ball off to Matt Male Co. Joining us as he does every week here on the Tolbert, Kruger and Brooks Show that nine or offensive line Open up holes in the run game, but Jimmy Garoppolo all sorts of time He had no pressure coming from the ends. He had no pressure coming from up the middle, which is always problematic for any quarterback, and I guess the The formula is, If Garoppolo has a clean pocket to operate in, he's gonna make some throws. He's gonna make some plays. That was the case yesterday. Yeah. I mean, I think that's you know any NFL quarterback That's probably the thing And I think he feeds well off of this formula. I mean, I don't think Jimmy is the kind of guy and we saw him. Do it in 2019, though, against the Saints in particular and It's the Rams and the Seahawks Games later in the season. You know, there were times where they put it on him. You know, Jimmy, go win a football game. I don't think that The standard, though you know, I don't think they do that every week. You know, it's kind of it's a I think they make it easy on him or easier on him because of The running game and just how everything fits together. And you know, the defense has always been strong. The defense yesterday certainly has a lot of room for improvement, but you know, there's there's always this kind of feeling that deal before year's defense is going to be good, so You know the worst thing there. I should say the, um you know, I'm a 3rd and 12. They can do a whole lot worse than drop loads, throwing the ball out of bounds and putting, you know and playing defense and getting the ball back and Going forward again. So, um, no, I think I think Rob Lowe. He's definitely coming off his best offseason, his best training camp. And I think we saw yesterday where he just He looked in control. He looks he looks good. He looks solid. He looked better than solid, so if they can get that kind of performance from him More times than not, or on a weekly basis. You know, he will keep Trey Lance at arm's length, I think throughout this season Maddie. You know, we Warner is incredible and green laws. Incredible. Uh, do do you think Greenlaw is going to go against Philly? And and to me that the big eye opener in this game was just How incredible. Um, as as these out Shakira has become, I mean, he just starts his people and he's so fast. He's so aggressive, but now he really knows the defense. He's playing fast. And he had, you know, I would say three or four impact hits where he separated the ball carrier or the receiver from the football talk a little bit about this linebacking corps. I mean, we all thought they were good, but I mean, if you're going to play like that, This might be the best linebacking corps or at least among them in the game. In just a young group. Two guys who just haven't been in the league all that long. You know the heat his final season in college. He had a CL tear, and it was just Heartbreaking for him because you know he grew up in a very rough situation, the homeless for a period of time, and he kind of saw football as his Skills that was kind of the end game and and he had the terror he would have been probably a mid round draft pick. That year, The 49 ers ended up sending him as a free agent and undrafted rookie. And yet he was on the bubble that first year, But there was I forget who the veteran guy is that they kept him over. But the thinking was that this guy can be a starter in this league, and he can be a starter pretty soon and that my dad already had Green Law and and Fred Warner. So I think what you saw on Sunday was he's now in his third year. He understands his role. He knows that defense and so I think because of him, there's no reason to push it with Greenlaw. Greenland has the groin. So I think there because of because of the guys they have there and Demetrius plan against thousands is a pretty good player as well. Good special teams guy and learning more and more how to play. Uh, linebacker in the NFL after being a safety in college, So I think because of that, um out here has a chance to be this week and every down linebacker right now he's playing that Sam position. Which in today's NFL means you're on the field about a third of the time because when they go with the Nickelback Key. Juan Williams comes in and I'll share it goes out, so I would think that if it's close, and if there's they feel that there's a risk of Greenlaw aggravating that injury and having it become worse..

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