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Very 9 53. What an event this morning has been and it continues right now we check the roadways. Laurie Grandi is watching the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes, Jeff, You and I are the lucky ones. We are indoors that I have felt for people who had to be out on the roads this morning because it has been a trial. We still have a couple of issues, but actually, things were getting a little bit better for us. They did clear the crash and Canton 95 north down before 93. Still slow moving. Traffic is a big conga line of plows that slowing the right 24 North bend between 106 and 1 39, but, hey, don't crowd the plow back off north on Expressway continues to be heavy Furnace Brook Parkway up towards Columbia Road, but that's better than it's been still dealing with. They reduce the speed on the Mass Turnpike between New York And Boston. In fact, we do have a couple of problems that continue to plague of the West, the western area of Massachusetts. We got a jackknifed tractor trailer truck east on Mass pike by 2 90. Not only that, but a fuel spill involved in this as well, Right and center lanes blocked off there. Also another crashed. Watch out for north bound for 95 by West Main Street, a pickup truck. Went right off the road. A lot of that happening a lot of spinouts this morning. Keep it safe. That's in Hopkinton. By the way, I'm Laurie Grandi. WBC's traffic on the three Take a look at the four day WBZ AKI Weather forecast. Now it's sponsored by Toyota's official website for deals. Buy a Toyota dot com We check in again with meteorologist Dean DeVore. You know, you've been talking to me and kind of chastising me that every time we talk, it seems like I'm talking about worst.

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