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You've got Davis Ellington with our final segment of the day here on the sports football ball podcast and of course we gotta look around the League at some of the storylines that we talked about going into week one just check in a little bit on them here wall so talk a little a bit more about the Monday night football games that are upcoming here later on in the evening and the one of the big story lines of the season was todd Gurley in that knee injury are- exactly what was going on with him and we saw a really big much bigger role for Malcolm Brown the running back to rushing touchdowns for the rams girly though he said there's so those Sean McVeigh said he was not on a snap count and that he was going to be full go clearly that was not the case for early in the thirty twenty seven rams win over the panthers as early just a shade above ten touches overall in this game nine Russia's at one point deep in the fourth quarter ninety seven yards total for are todd Gurley in this one in the rams former superstar running back just did not look himself in this game. You can just see that he's not running back. He was at at one point of his career in that. Something's just off with him. It's got to be that knee in some way and with the increase workload for Malcolm Brown Durell Henderson didn't get the looks everyone. Everyone thought the rookie running back who's picking around what's going to Brown though very solid option for this rams team running back in girly. It'll be interesting to see how the season goes on will touches increase or they just trying to save him to the rams thing that they can make the playoffs with a minimal usage of early in that way once they hit the postseason they can really turn their workhorse back loose. That's a possibility Sean mcvay however in week one did not really give girly attention that you would think and they end up still win this game by three and a very close match up with a good panthers team match up of couple great running backs between girly and McCaffrey McCaffrey statistically in the better end of that addio even though his team ones up on the losing side of the football contest so girly again to be a story to watch. La Because that offense really just does not work as well without Todd Gurley managed thirty points but if girly can't be one of the main pieces that really takes an explosive element away from McVeigh's offense and relies a lot more on jared goff being one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL and really be able to run that offense and at times we saw goff just really out of sync with as wide receivers this week if one but it's GonNa be something to think about for the rams as the season goes on a couple other teams can some wins the NFC west as well so they look like they might have a tough road ahead in that division as the season continues and of course we have to talk about the biggest storyline in the NFL Antonio Brown as it looks like the saga for Antonio in some ways is finally ending and in other ways. It's just beginning for number eighty four as Antonio uh-huh Brown signs a one year proved deal with the New England patriots and it's hilarious because there is so much speculation when all his shenanigans with the Oakland Raiders for going on that really it was just a grand master plan for Bill Bella check to somehow land the all world talent wide receiver in sure enough he gets released from the raiders and later that day signs deal with the New England patriots another huge weapon in the offense four. Tom Brady and this has shades of what Randy Moss did did when he was with the Oakland Raiders. Moss spent some time in Oakland during his games he played for the raiders. You could just see that the big hall of fame wide receivers hardest wasn't in it. He wasn't really producing for the raiders he was now running routes with this full heart. You can just tell that he wasn't the Randy Moss when he was sooner in Oakland and then he goes to the Patriots under Bill Belichick and has a career year a record setting year with Tom. Brady Brady threw for fifty touchdown passes does that offense was just a cold plays away from being the first team to go perfect nineteen in Oh as they were trying to catch the seventy two dolphins they lose of of course the super bowl to the tremendous comeback led by Eli Manning and the New York giants. Is this going to be just like that. Are we gonNA see a patriots team. That could possibly go undefeated after Sunday night. That's a very real possibility that defense for the Patriots absolutely shut down the steelers and and if they know they're gonna get just a boatload of points on the offensive side of the ball you know Bill Belichick GonNa give all of his time and effort to making sure that that defense is ready eighty each and every week for their match. Make sure everyone's healthy ready to go that the scheme is right and we very well could see a run at history again in New England might right sound a bit presumptuous just in week one but the steelers are a classic. AFC favorite especially when they had the big three Bell Brown and Rothlisburger now with two of those three pieces Gone Smith Schuster looks to pick up the slack for Antonio Brown but now yet to find someone to pick up the slack for Juju at that wide receivers Chris to spot you also gotta be be frank here that James Connor is not living on bell. We saw that in that game Sunday night so the steelers were still a good test defensively civilly always are fantastic and brady made them just look like a peewee football team out there as he had no problem going for thirty three points in that game and pass over three hundred honored yards. You put a be in that mix with Josh Gordon Julian Edelman the running back tandem of James White as well as Sony Michelle is going to be a really tough challenge to beat this patriots team and because of that you who who's to say I mean they they could do it. They could do it you. You can't say they can't there. There is a real world possibility with the addition of Antonio Brown that the Patriots could make some history but now we gotta look back at how this came to be an Antonio oneal brown you could tell really from the Gecko once he got into camp once he started running some routes with Derek Carr in this raiders offense something clicked in his head that he did not want. I WANNA be in Oakland. I mean he did the cryotherapy happens and you chalk that up to operator malfunction with the frostbite on the feet then he goes on this insane escapade with the helmet trying to get all that taken care of in think in trying to use his old helmet. He's used forever he. He's had six months to do it and he doesn't think that's enough time to find a new helmet. I mean he's not looking for new kidney. He just needs a helmet you. There's ways to figure that out to make it fit and make it. It'd be comfortable everyone else in the NFL did it why couldn't he that becomes an issue. He's stays out of training camp. He doesn't do the walk throughs. The helmet issue did not mean he couldn't couldn't practice with the team he did that on his own accord and then he goes after the general manager of the raiders after he gets fine for actions he knows our final. He did them with that in mind. There wasn't like that fine just came out of the sky on him and Mike mayock gets verbally costed by Antonio Brown he goes on a barrage. I use of slayer of slurs cuss words to Mike May Auchan your raiders still still planned on playing him in there Monday night game against the broncos broncos that says a lot about the raiders as an organization that they were willing to take this abuse from Antonio Brown and take all this Prima Donna behavior behavior that was happening with Ab and still play him Monday night when he's barely practice with the team we talked earlier in the season here here on this show about how Antonio Brown by taking all this media attention has helped the raiders rookies developed because they haven't had to deal with it and that's still true in the lot of the raiders rookies have talked talked about in themselves and the second year players have said by having Antonio Brown. It's been nice that they haven't had to deal with the media coverage and hard knocks and that was really a lot more centered around Antonio Brown but he's also had a terrible example as an a way to conduct yourself as professional with what he's done with the raiders clearly didn't want to be there show the the reaction video when he finally gets released from the raiders and all of that finally goes down and I think the raiders are better off for it you if you're going to establish a new culture in Oakland. You can't have this going on in your locker room on your sideline. You need to get Antonio Brown out of out of there if he wants out all the better let him go you cut your losses just saved a lot of money by voting that twenty nine million that you would yet. You'RE GONNA pay him over the three years Antonio Brown you get your wish you go you get to play for the Patriots I think both sides can kind of wash their hands of the issue but now the rest of the NFL has to deal with the Patriots and Tom Brady having Tony Brown as viable and very real. You'll weapon for them another thing to touch on though is this really has highlighted how much of just a dumpster fire the raiders have been since bringing on Jon Gruden route and I mean at this point of his tenure in Oakland. I mean remember. He was signed ten years hundred million dollars free coach. He's not playing down down. I mean granted. He does the ski schematics. Get your team ready to go but you're telling me you can't find another coach that can get four wins in the NFL for a little bit cheaper than one hundred million dollars and what does he do before a game is played for the raiders cuts chol-min Trades Khalil Mack doesn't want trade them to the bears yeah yeah you got a couple of picks for him but he's gone to the bears and showing that he is a hall of fame talent. He's one of the best if not the best defensive player in the NFL at any position and he has been absolutely destroying it for the bears. He's made them a super bowl contender. They could find a quarterback or if Mitch trubisky could figure it out under center then he goes you trade Mario Sorry Cooper. Amari Cooper has gone to Dallas. He's fantastic and of course you've got another pick from that but what do you do you traded two guys two teams that are now playoff contenders each and every year. You'RE NOT GONNA to get the draft capital that you think you're GONNA get from those trade. You're getting made too late. Twenties on the first round picks for those guys so those are two very questionable trades at this point then you go you get a B. He backs. AB The entire time isn't condoning all the Tonio Brown's actions all of the antics and now this comes back to buy them again so so far in Oakland Jon Gruden era take two has really just been a frankly catastrophe for the raiders to begin and now you gotTa L. Look Derek Carr Guy. They signed to a huge contract. He hasn't been able to really step up in the pocket ever since breaking his leg. You can just see that he's afraid of it that the.

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