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Filling in for Dave plyer. We're gonna have a fun show. We're gonna play Christmas music throughout the day. Some you know, some you may not know everybody is everyone know that one Curtis. You know that one. Yeah, that's Wham last Christmas. Aren't you too? Young to know Wham. Roger, you know, Wham bam from back when way I'm was Wham. Wow. What was your favorite WAM song? Oh, I don't know. That's I had kids then careless whisper that was their first hit a great. Wake me up before you go. So we're gonna have a lot of fun today. I'm filling in for Dave Playa Roger along for the news Curtis is producing. So let me tell you a little bit about myself. Roger should I introduce myself to the audience a little bit. What do you think? So because I mean, it's been awhile since you've been on that side of the Mike most of the time, you're on the other side of the Mike helping other people look good. That is true. Just just like Roger. But Roger being on the air, I radio life or been around for many years working here. WGN radio I've been producing shows mostly in many times in sports I've been producing the hamp OB and kosh show. That's right. People wanna call up and talk about how crazy the bears a season is and how fun it is. We can do that. But we're gonna try to concentrate mostly on Christmas today. Other things about me. I also work at zanies comedy club. I'm the public. Zanies comedy club. So a lot of times you might hear people talk about me or I'll be on talking about zanies comedians who are coming around on the station or throughout the community. How many clubs to the Chicago area? Now, there are three cloudy the original on well street, celebrating its fortieth year this there's one in Saint Charles which has been around for about twenty five years. And then there's a newer one about six years in Rosemont entertainment district. So thank you for asking. Well, I I knew about the first one I mean, everyone knows about that like his set the trend of comedy clubs around the country. I kind of knew about the the other one Saint Charles one that's been around long enough. But that new one I wasn't aware of the Saint Charles one does have great club. Yeah. A lot of people don't know especially city-dwellers because it's so far away. Yeah. Thirty mile. It's. Right on north avenue. It's just it takes a while. Yeah. You know, why go out that way? If you don't have to right. Yeah. And I live out there. Out there. And so if you live out in their area, it's close it's easy to get to which I think is great zanies part that they've spread out so much especially at new one at the Rosemont entertainment center. You've got everything over there. It's a regular little small town. You know, it's it's like a disneyfied small town. Yeah. But it is a small town, you have bars and restaurants and taverns, and it is a lot of fun. Yeah. That's cool. Well, that's great. Now, we know where we can go to when when you've got new comics into town, exactly. Well, let me tell you a little bit about what we're gonna do today. We're gonna lese mentioned we're gonna talk about Christmas a lot. We're going to have some celebrity guests coming up one of my comic favorites will be joining us after the after the commercial break coming up in a few moments. We're gonna talk to some friends of mine from around the world, we're gonna talk to some people in England. We're gonna talk to some people in the Middle East to find out how they celebrate the holidays. Do they celebrate the holidays, we'll find out? Also, you know, it's that time of year. We're going to start thinking about as we're eating and eating and eating what we're gonna do for the new year. Are we going to have a resolution or what's going to be the solution to our finally losing that weight and getting healthy? We're going to talk to a good friend of mine who just put out a book to discuss that very thing. And we'll be playing Christmas music. We're going to be taking calls. You can give us a call or send us a text at three one two nine eight. One seventy two hundred we're going to get that. Right. Three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred anything else from you. Roger right now. No, I think you pretty much. They did. Yeah. I really want to want to learn from a person like you because you've been here you're on the air. And I and I have such big shoes to fill would they plyer madman? And he's so good at what he does. And I know the audience is probably going who the heck is this guy. No, no, I'll tell you since we're keeping the Christmas thing. I think you have set a feast of entertainment on the Christmas table for the next three hours. Wow. I like that a feast of Christmas entertainment. Yes, sir. That I'm ready to Chow down. You know, what I saw food on the counter was that from Friday. No, no stuff is gone. Okay. Well, that was from Friday but cake is like, you know, universal. I don't think that cake goes well could. Neil who brought in earlier David Jennings told us. Yeah. Yeah. The pizzas, fresher, fresher. Cheeses, fine out Jesus fine. Yeah. Okay. So as I said, give us a call at at three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred we're gonna take a break right now. But we're going to have some fun afterwards. We're going to have a good comedy friend coming in to share some Christmas stories and tell us about some things going on in the world. Let me tell you this though this week the Chicago's best team is headed to area. Fire houses, the cook with Chicago's best and bravest on a very special Chicago's Beth this Sunday night at ten on WGN TV. A bad lineup for Christmas Eve morning. I'm day player in for Steve Cochran out kid joining me as a kid that still has both of his eyes. Peter Billingsley, the original.

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