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Can barclay on you better. You bet from well or have some thank yous to dole out before we We finish up the show talking week. One of the national football league. We had three awesome guests on today's show. Adam turner from the simple handicap. Adams always great. Brian baldinger odyssey's sports. Nfl insider always fantastic. What you better you bet. Debut a stellar one for carlos of the mlb network. He was as good as it gets. Thanks to our guests on today's show the executive producer of you better. You bet eli her. Our technical director the great bill mats are board up the rate rick camp. Can i back with you tomorrow for four hours of retainment on you better you bet and you get the full experience tomorrow. On tuesday daily tip with jenkins and messenger coming up six to nine. am eastern. The jobs are back in town. Joel stransky back from vacation. Joe and joe gilio nine. Am to noon tomorrow on becky daily. Then it's us and then following us tomorrow today every day but mgm tonight ryan horrified and quentin four hours of live betting you get them tonight during the saints. Jags game sure we fund meltdowns during that during the major league baseball card for tonight so once. We are done tonight. Make sure you stay. Tuned bet q. L. ben mgm. Tonight with ryan and quinton mayo. If you're going to be betting week this week in the nfl. Preseason if you're gonna four bets we want you to we're going to you. Should to four bets of fifty dollars or more on the nfl. Preseason over a bed rivers. Gets you a free fifty dollar. Nfl bet so again. You're going to bet the nfl season coming up in week. Three and tonight do it bet rivers you plays four separate pets on the nfl. Preseason you get a free fifty dollar. Nfl bet and remember like always you get one hundred percent deposit match up to two hundred and fifty bucks on that first deposit and when you place any live bet on monday through friday but reverend you get a twenty percent profit boost pretty unbelievable. I just read like eight things and like they're all why you should be gambling. Bet rivers the best lines. The best customer service. Your hometown sportsbook. That sportsbook is rivers. And make sure you subscribe to you better. You bet wherever you find your podcast support the show rate review subscribed search you that wherever you find them..

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