Governor Brown, California, Donald Trump discussed on Pacifica Evening News


My con- accountability for my family for the suffering my community and do something to make some changes in saw spent twenty plus years in prison trying to make a difference. In my life. Go back to school being certifies counselors of looking with the us and creating programs in prison. So that men and women can be inspired can pass them opportunity to changes today. I am working in the community advocate for health. And I'm hoping and praying blasting governor Brown forgave us apart because you have the power. His case is far from unique forty-three Cambodians were deported in April and within the last month ice, immigrations customs enforcement has detained about thirty more Cambodian refugees in California with similar cases. And according to the Asian Americans, advancing, Justice and advocacy group. That's calling on the governor to issue the pardons assembly met, rob Bonte as one of the California lawmakers backing their efforts to counter President Trump's deportation practices. California evergreens are under full frontal assault from the federal administration period. With the sharp increase in immigration arrests and deportations under the Trump administration especially targeting immigrants with old convictions obtaining apart in can be an effective defense and protection against deportation. Although those convicted of crimes bay spent years rehabilitating themselves into productive law abiding residents, formerly incarcerated immigrants face the. Risk of being sent back to countries where they often have few if any ties many such as southeast Asian refugees come here as children. And no no other country than this one. This would not be the first time governor Brown takes a stand against Trump's deportation policies Brown pardoned five Cambodian ex-convicts facing deportation in March and another three in August drawing. Sharp criticism from the president assemblyman, David Chiu of San Francisco also voiced support today for these pardons. We need to stand by our brothers at our brothers and.

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