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But it take Derek off him as no it's not the way this works. But just look at the way he ran that race. I'm Plumpton and the race the potato raise last deal at two seconded. I can have him for the full mile of myself. I don't pull he took a very keen hold. It was given a very. Derek Khanna made it probably look a lot less strong than he probably actually fell to me. He looked like he was being very keen and yet and part the race at the weekend. Warwick is we know speeds favoring track. Nothing about him. The may screens full Marla. He looks like he's gonna Thabit of speed. I mean, not two mile speed. Obviously, he doesn't look slow will vote by any stretch of the imagine nation, and you know, seventeen he was behind him in the potato raise last year yet is favorite for the wherever he is. Now in the best thing they are say. I I just I can have him for the myla. And if you make me have a race at the test will it would be for the are essay. It's just the Derrick. Coleman fact, isn't it? It's just that's it. That's all that is. I get it. You know, he wanted to come have arrived in the hills before he rides it in the full Milo. Just the race that connections of clearly pencil doubt. There's no getting away from that. But yeah, we'll be a man that race. I didn't think so to be honest. It'd be in the same both. Both you you look at them go through that race. And he was quite strong at all stages. Really Derek was kind of really is to keep him covert espec- code. He kind of jumped his way into the race Dirk was taken aback, and then he came bus the winning pace for the first time. He took a real pull. Yeah. That's the walls those race winning news by jockey that was being taken off with a bit hit. Yeah. I just couldn't that really puts me off into a full myla. That's the worst his jumping is well on his chasing debut to me he jumped like, a horse would really benefit from the experience and benefit from having something good enough to take him along for longer and told his jumping with Steph better. But a key feature of it for me and Saturday was that it got better and lower as the race went on. And as the race began in earnest. So if he's mine, I'm running them in the yes mine. Absolutely. The other the other point I wanted to actually make is just a little Salah eight year old HR inside the thing is pre the festival lost year. I can't remember walls. They went down to intervene. Nikki hadn't said all of a sudden about his festival hopes. Like, we do every. Apparently, I was nab was on the fear when they were talking about Santini for the album Bartlett all comment who else anyway Henderson who said to the few. We don't forget about OK corral like as in Henderson like you know, was keen on him for that race. Now, the price is it didn't show. But I thought that was just quite interesting. It's quite rare. And it turns around the says remember my other bowls because basically that's to me a bit of a Hinson itself that he still right up there in the novice hill pecking order and then loudly. Barry, guaranteed said, I think it must be don't get in. He said that you know, as we know 'cause he's a nine year old, isn't that doesn't take shuttle to workout but law season was the first time they managed to get him to string raises together without coming up against any real real problem. And none of his problems have been massive issues. But it will be enough to. Putting a big hole like him back all the time and then law season manage the string together. A maybe that disappointing run angel at the end of the it was just, you know, he probably was fading effects of essentially having his first ever full full season..

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