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Like a circle around. Mas. And they close on the circle that you actually drew this a quieter on Google MAs. And and I can I can turn the globe. And basically just goes through for a fax this article. And one of them is Danica. And you probably not the second one. Is that nicotine formation? I think you've. Yeah. We've talked about that before. Yes. And this guy's back to the time. Something Benz Landon was alive, and he came up with this idea of this poll being at that position at the time. But somewhat after that after he died, this king's valley thing became more popular. And that's also on this quieter. And then there's this fourth that formation that I just found that I ride in this peer reviewed piper bat and it's cold offense. And it's it's it's possibly a representation of plants, and it's also exactly on the equator. So the theory is basically. If elected happen, then the post out move after that impact, and it sort of warm MAs up, and eventually the pulse settled in his one position. And then the artifacts all formed in but this so would have been probably a few years ago. Now were they formed by extraterrestrials who visited Mars or were they made by inhabitants of Mars? Well, it's very difficult to say, you know, again, this is just a speculation because it's so long ago. Nice. Scientist would would think it's very unlikely that that life could evolve on Mazda quickly enough for that to happen especially Indian, Bob. So it's unlikely from that point of view on the the the artifacts really show any sort of high technology, so. The possibility of the does fit. The fact is if this wasn't I I mean to reforming project, then then I guess seated knives, and eventually the life that they stated grew up, and and build these things and then eventually died away because now sort of Friday's again, you know, it is kind of a crude form of architecture. Is it it is very correct. Yeah. Yeah. I think another important point with is is probably because I thought about it for a long time. But I don't think this is a particularly threatening thing for people to worry about if this if all of this did happen like three billion years ago. So whoever did this is long gone, otherwise, we would see them everywhere. We'll have the galaxy with Sadie and everything or they may they may be Greg. Well, that's that's the idea that the United they seated on my eyes and on this probably evolved up to become out. And that's why we look like these faces, and that's very possible very possible. Greg stay with us. We're gonna take this quick break. But we're gonna come right back and continue talking about this. And then later on tonight, we'll take some phone calls about this. Take a look at the pictures. If you can't get up to our website at coast to coast, AM dot com, and lex tells us that the resolution will look better if you make your browser a little smaller so play with your little computer that way and go to our website at coast to coast, a m dot com are special guest from Australia live, Greg arm. His book is free for download why we must go to Mars. Never miss a detail.

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