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Professor david nash. Thank you very much. Aren't you to reflect on my interview with professor david nash. I'm joined now by bob. Food and assess historian and longstanding member bumps. great grandfather also called up at foot of was the first paid secretary of the nss in the late nineteenth century. What will be giving me his own perspective on shelves platinum professor nash to briefly about bradley's character at my impression from reading about him is the bradley was indeed incredibly charismatic and his charisma and his personal qualities were really large factor in his success. What's your view about this. Well i would use a big man. He had a very known hedge and he had very strong voice I'm gonna come quotations here. Which might be useful. The first is from harry. Snell who later became a labor and pay and eventually a was some later. The labor party in the house of no and this is what he wrote about. Brad law in Something was published in nineteen thirties. Trae raul was already speaking. Went on a roll. And i remember as clearly as though it was only yesterday the media and compelling impression made on me by that's extrordinary man. I've never been some influence spot human personality. I won't spot house right. Law the come on things strikes the massive heads the imposing structure and the ringing eloquent amand fascinated me off became one of his humblest amongst devoted followers. And that's from the later labor envy us and there's any percents as well. Of course who was became perhaps his closest eilon over the republication of fruits philosophy for a number of years off towards she described in her autobiography. The first occasion saw eloquence files. Sarcasm pesos hashem owning third bench against christian superstition. Tell the gray told. Carried away by the torrent of the authorities voiced force hung silence reading soft to see when todd tell silence followed a magnificent harare rights. You the spell. Hurry kind of chance released attention. Oh that's the wonderful description. But i also remember. I think the lead staden was meant to have written to queen victoria. That bradlow was a consumer speakers. Have even even johnston himself. Who is not always on bradley side was aware of was prepared to acknowledge branches eloquence. Yes i'm so you have to remember the these days. That locker funds without any of that electronic assistance and bracknell was often addressing to crowds in the canal and yet he could hold that crowd due to the super power of his personality. The power of.

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