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A favor and spill with some of that salt on your collective wounds as a reminder that you did not belong in the playoffs to begin with on war any fan base that celebrates mediocrity like eight championship war hawk placing a moratorium on any correspondents in the jungle from bills mafia and so they actually win a game that matters signed jesse formerly of konkan now el paso it's not unfair it is not unfair i hype bail out of bills mafia the bills mafia was feeling it they had their chances they had their shot they could get it done they couldn't finish now jesse to be fair i want to say you had a lot more gloss when you're emailing me from germany then you do from el paso nothing against obasanjo i dislike the we had a listener in germany jesse formerly of kach i mean your committee yourself you cited formally o'clock and like maybe i might i know the you're the guy the usda email from germany i know jesse i know it seems like emails were better when they came from germany nobody else you mafia you know it's common bills mafia yudo that's common you can expect a whole lot more that jacksonville fan sorry fired up she's fans don't don't act like that didn't happen he did happen again it always happens except this time it happened at home when you are a twenty one two three lead so get up in here and let's talk about exactly what did happen and credit to tennissee took a lot of heat prior to that game coach was in trouble franchise quarterback did not have the kind of year they expect him to have and then they fall behind 21 three nothing goes right in the first half and they find a way to get it done love it absolutely love it phone lines are wide open in our number one in less we add a third guest in a row chasing right now you know the best way to get through hit me up on the phones it be applied twitter heavy upon email the show is being simulcast on cbs sports network were ready to have another huge week here on the jungle thick short time out calls our next a fresh new year has begun and if you're setting new.

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