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You may have noticed recently that the truth is now a matter for debate. Well, as you know, twenty eight team brought its share of fake news fake news is the worst thing that you can call a journalist. This is fake news. It's a fake news really know where it's come from. It's all fake news. We let's just call it lies in a time when opinion bias reporting an anecdotes are increasingly mistaken for one another at least in enough people's mind to make determining what's true difficult backs. Have never been more important when everything else is in question, you go to the data unless it's just not there. You would be amazed to learn just how many things candidate doesn't keep track of or if it does doesn't make available to the people who need the information. If a country's data said is a solar system of interconnected numbers and figures collected from around the population, then Canada's is riddled with black holes. And what happens when you can't answer questions with data never heard of the phrase flying blind. This is what happens when a country tries to do it. I'm Jordan heath Rawlings. And this is the big story. The global mail has spent the past year investigating a phenomenon it caused the data deficit. Joining us today our reporters, Eric Andrew g I n TV grant. Who is arguments Siddiqui. And how does the story kind of start with her? Yeah. So argument is a public health researcher. You've t- I was thinking about writing an editorial about this phenomenon. I had noticed more than a year ago now that reporters like Tapia actually in Robyn Doolittle and other people in our newsroom were doing the job of stats can over and over writing stories about how we didn't have numbers and then going out and finding numbers about what's the most dangerous job in Canada. Or how often police determined that sexual assault complaints are unfounded. And I was on him still kind of on the editorial board kind of filling in for someone writing the Globes opinion about X ones that I was just going to kind of meth off about this and say, this is really dumb and frustrating and right seven hundred words and be done with it. And so I emailed some colleagues in the newsroom one of them put me onto arguments at this drives her crazy all the time. So I called her up. She works on race and health figuring out racial disparities in health, and that's really hard and Canada, and that drives up the wall. So I could tell media they when I started talking to her that this was going to be a cathartic interview for her. She started kind of spilling her guts. This is the beta my existence..

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