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I am dave scofield editor behind the steel curtain. With these always my big brother rich rich. You still burning up there so burned up there. But i'm calling off a little. Got the fan. Go in here and drinking lots of ice water already finished the coke. Living the dream talking about the pittsburgh steelers. There was a tree talking about the pittsburgh steelers. So really really yeah. Let's let's let's sorry. I can't auction so our topic tonight. Was we're talking about players who make the pro bowl for the first time with the steelers. I i because i forgot to listen to rich first of all. We didn't think we didn't listen to eric. Branca's he didn't make it with the steelers and we didn't do deontay johnson because he made it as a kick returner so he was eligible. Was on your list so so far we we've done five four and three. You have robert. Spelane tyson iowa. Johnson i have steph onto it. Najji harris chase klay poll so. Those are all players that i could see what happened like i say some have more difficult pass than others and the last thing i want to see like your tyson all my steph onto it the last thing we really want to see is there make the pro bowl because someone else on their team that they beat out for. It has a down year. We don't wanna see that or gets hurt or anything while we don't even say that. How dare you bring up such a thing sacrilege. You don't say these things i was talking about. Ben hurt his elbow all the time. It's like oh come on just mess with you. Let's let's go all right rich number. Two number two double down because my thought is one of the two goes. My number two is paul so you hear him and dj san. What if the two of them is going to make it. Okay okay so. I can see why you say that i could see that where you're 'cause you're not saying that everyone on the list is going to do it correct. I'm is gonna make it. Yeah i'm saying these are the guys i'd like to see. Have the kind of year. Yep exactly okay. And i think that at least one of those receivers as a really great chance to go so i put them both on my list. I could see the kind of place in a kind of it was with some of my play in the some of that. You know the probability of one of these guys going his way high you know like the steelers wide receiver course really get. They are but a lot of places like wound playing them because they don't have that one big superstar guy might not is one of these two guys this year. is that big time superstar guy. It makes the purple. Yeah so that's the thing in someone emerged to do that. That'll be interesting or are they all just going could. That's a good question. Do you want that one pro bowl or possibly all pro guy or do you want the the deepest best wide receiving core in the nfl. Which one would you. What i really want is neither of those. I really want is the lombardi. Yeah i know. That's all but i'm just saying when it comes to your wide receivers room. Which way do you go to one big superstar and hope that the other guys can help them out enough or do you want that really deep unit that you can't really focus in on one guy because then the other three will get you. I don't care. I just want this going home. The lombardi whichever will do hey. What was i agree. Outlaws we at the lombardi trophy. As long as i figure out with last week stat geic. It's still comes back to where people are like. Oh the steelers wasted all that talent through the you know over the last six or seven years you know what you talk about first of all. It's the nfl. Everyone has talent they all do. Everyone has known but the question is how much talent do you have. you know. that's one thing and two steelers fans had something they've never had before and that is a more dominant offense than defense and suddenly that supposed to mean talent equals championships. That's not the way it's worse for the steelers. And i mean the only time their offense was as good as their defense was nineteen seventy nine. You know what. I'm saying. That's it and if you don't understand listening last week static because it's all laid out there when i was looking at at rankings of how the team finished. It's always been defense. I you know the last time the steelers won the super bowl. Their offense ranked in the twenties and their defense was tops in the league. Okay that's you know it's the old adage and i'm gonna. I have an article about this. At some point because i like to let podcast simmer and then do an article about him later. Offense was games. Defense was championships. Okay you've heard that before. I heard that but that's i didn't know that's really one of those ones. That goes out crazy but yeah that's kind of how stuff goes back to my number two player from number two thank you. Yes my number two plan. It's going to be someone that. Despite reports from what particular news outlets.

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