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No tell me that. What do you want nerd? What are you talking about? That would be which one of them would do. Barry trots, but again, that feels like, I don't know if he would, I don't know if that's the guy. I mean, obviously he's the number one coach on the market, but I don't know if he would be the change they would want. I also feel like there's going to be a huge bidding war for him. A lot of other teams probably going after him. Ryan mujer from Providence, again, Cassidy was the head coach, he was head coach for a while then he became assistant. But maybe they go with him, even though he's sort of new. Jay leitch in Seattle. That is the one who a lot of people have circled. But that would again be maybe more of a rebuild, but still, I mean, maybe it's funny poor Jay leitch moves all the way up to Seattle. Coming back, buddy. Get back here. Move your family back. The grandpa and The Simpsons with the hat. Yes. That's J leech. Can you bring Dave gaucher with him too? Yeah. Oh no, not Dave gross isn't freaking Vegas. That's really stupid. I was thinking for a second. I think I was in Seattle. You obviously. Who makes the most sense? Because again, I have a feeling it'll be one of bonus or talking. I think it'll be one of those two. That would be my guess. Yeah, again, it's going to come down to what path bruins set. And again, as I've said before, on this podcast, many times already, if it's a rebuild in its gallic J leach or like Lehman or someone like that. Okay, I get it. I get it. At the very least, I understand their line of thinking. If it's talking about JPMorgan, if it's or it's like Quinn, it's like that's like the ultimate me being like, what do you guys? It's like the monkey paw. Will fire breeze gassy. Are you happy then? I'm like, no, that's not what I was asking for. But if it's a situation like that, where it's a younger coach and it's embracing that rebuild. Sure. But as you said, what I imagine it's going to be is someone who's in the old boys club because again, it's the same regular guys at the top who are making who are calling the shots at a pivotal time in this franchise's tenure in terms of what this team is going to look like the next 5 years. Again, it's just frustrating because I think for bruins fans who are so committed to this team in terms of wanting to seem to thrive and being happy for another year maybe a bergeron and creature and how great that will be. But let's look 5 ten years down the line is one year having those guys back together worth ten years in mediocrity ten years of getting the 12th overall pick and trying to swing for the fantasies on that. Again, it's all about mapping out a set game plan. And maybe there's just one domino to fall and we get more clarity, very shortly, but if it's running it back with the same crew with just a less a coach at the helm, I don't know what to tell you..

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