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Mad at me if I say something back. Like how I just saying like I don't care if the guy don't like me whatever whatever leaves up about this numerous Tom, you feel like I shouldn't tell the guy like, oh, well, this person told me that you were doing the more I don't think it should matter who told you about why specifically says don't tell him I told you but here's the information, and then now he's mad at the person I don't think that even matters is tour is if it's true, it's true. He's GONNA deny it any way. To me. Then, he's like spit on her when I see her I'm a slap her and for away I don't feel like there's anything wrong with saying who told like with me personally like parking feted you're not. I mean because at appointed time is GonNa come to the forefront of WHO said it anyway. So we might as well just get it out and I'm the type of person that'd be like. What are we going to get? You know what I mean. I got it just depends on the person, your friend or whatever the case by wit you can do moving forward. That's why he told one friend and other one didn't because you knew how she would take that move out fell right 'cause I have people who would be like Donna anybody I told you this but. Viewed Now. 'cause they want to stay out of it and it also could be doing. To how they want you to. Say but it up at a situation where this guy told me about my friends has been was cheating on her by he worked for somebody and he would have lost his job. So I'm not gonNa tell on you because like. You to your job said I take into consideration other peoples they might have to do business with somebody you don't WanNa make them feel awkward. So give somebody unit. We're very good and that saying where we got something from a telling you, we know something and you have no idea how he found out that she go through my phone that you do my messages she sees van and we're really good at framing thing. So you don't know where we heard it from it, and then next thing you tell us more than we knew in the first place. I think it depends on the circumstance. You got away on pros cots. Well, how did you find out about Jamal when that first happened last go round. Since I think somebody told me year mytalk by Werman Street. and. You believe them at birth you will like no. I can't remember. But when I asked him, he told he was also okay that's rare. PICTURE EVIDENCE Out from you know word on the street where you ever suspicious that he had anything on that you have no more. There was a new type of. was something ain't right. So you're not by the back when he came through. Any it could have been you know at the time I was having a baby after baby after baby like I had a lot of kids I was in mommy mode You know I I wasn't even you know how sometimes you get despite assurances I was senses were in the trash game I I wasn't even in that frame of mind even something right the so now. As. My Kid is hungry. Let me go feed my. Whether about no one exhausted. Guys get away with stuff to if I once you get really busy, you can't really focused on them. For them to like snits like slide and do something when you're not really you know looking for that are paying attention their year and now no. Excuses for the behavior but I I was. Overwhelmed with children I had three kids under three. Sad that's understandable. Yeah it was it was babies. It was pampers and milk of a wound Herron about it. I need I need a net right now right Don't be. So what do you think about Ashley and her situation because I saw the previews for some upcoming episodes and I guess he was propositioning women in the club often pay taxes something like that whether it just went out. It. was just women. owned. This. Season it was just women. And he speed took a I'm I wanNA, give it away but we were all out of town. And that. Information came to Ashley and yet SMS I mean Michael. Michael. Is like relentless? Stock House, so I just have to. Watch. Their relationship is always the one they were like clearly that getting divorced, I can any second now they're gonNA get divorced and they ended A. It's unbelievable to me. I wouldn't the like. All right maybe one time I get it like a you know maybe somebody said but like seven times at this point, it's like dude did something I don't know which one of the. Guys that works production on his show. At this point is like. and He tried to likely. been at like how he was like that's not would you heard like, who are you talking to rate microphone? What do you mean? By the time the season's over Michael is going to prove himself to be which I think he is. Ten Times over like he's A whole lot Michael so I can't wait acting day. Because that was the first episodes and as you know things on this shower buried lag chill combat then I've seen the previews of west account and say a restarted. Over here, we've been crazy you. would. You feel about monique because I also seen something recently where Karen was China's say that you had some kind of jealousy which I you know watching from outside looking in I don't see the jealousy I could see. If anything I could see competition and I'm GONNA. Tell you I feel like in this show of top from when it started you were the start a show like it just is what it did and I, feel like now she's come along and she's gotten a lot of you know and our friends, and now they're kind of like pending you to and each other. Can you tell me? We think it is. That has been her number one thing. All Goss Jellison Jellison what I don't even get it not even live my life like I love. My think my life's great. So. I don't understand that however she you're you're actually correct her bands ally. You know we're coming to tear down these data is used to be show and I guess not even productive like my mind is mind your land is your lane. We can all rock arm as like we're not. We should be accomplished. We should just a year chillan lanes like I'll even like that whole that's tear each other down so that that makes you look bigger and better. No, she looked I you turn people down so I don't like it at all. You know people go on twitter and she'll go heart in the AIDS just terrorizing not only me Robin. Candice everybody. Does that look better because you people now it makes you look crazy actually. Thinks he's husband. As the word industry is. Baby aim not a baby no more yet. We'll see that Klay our but that was a roller. Actually, two years ago, and we didn't even talk about it last season, but it came up. A sheet. Now Right. But it came up this season so we talked about it but You know I don't know if I had to come back home to that big do. Nazi. Does Not on anybody. Nama husband know like when I? GotTa answer I'm sorry. Yes. One hundred percent but I decided once a single grow can do what she wants. Once I got married I was like, absolutely not I'm GONNA. Live up to my boss..

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