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Let's go to joy in loops yes good morning thank you general I really is I've been listening for many years so my question I am an only child my father had passed away quite sometime ago and my mother is is in new port Richey she owns her home free and clear and she has eighty live and significant other now this individual has lived in the property for ever if anything happened to my mom and she passed we have it everything will revert back to me I am concerned since he has used at this current residence how would that work would he have what I have to go through an inspection process hopefully we can handle it all amicably with no problem that's my interpretation but you know better safe than sorry well there's no common law marriage in Florida so he would never be presumed to be the spouse are in their fourth if he's not an owner he really has no rights to the property he may have to be a victim to he might might have to be victims are you jacked it from the property but you would have you do a legal process from that if your mother left everything you know your mother could kind of defined with defined the role of what happens when she dies and she could if she was interested give him the right to live in the property for Reno say three months it could be anything but I'm just using three months for example to give him time to relocate in the neck to be clear to him because mother would tell him look you know I've done my estate planning documents I want to give you the right to stay here for you know a period of time if I should die and that could be a month three months could be a year to do whatever she wants and then I will be defined and explained to him ahead of time and really be the best thing okay that's what I was thinking I just I hope not to go down that route but just in case I want to know what my options were so I really appreciate your time all right thank you have a good day thank you bye bye all right so had a request here from one of our callers who wanted to give out my office number which I'm glad to do we do offer free consultant on legal documents so if you would like to come in and have us review documents would be glad to do that there's.

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