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Plays a huge role in white men developed to be in this day and age. You See It's it's a sad reality way. Men Are taught to be strong and to be dominating and everything and anything in like the the easily they are easily dedicated to dominate females especially UC where the ad supplement. Andy told that they have ownership over over females which is not the case So what I do with my son. I teach him to be intrusion with his emotions and feelings. You get hurt. I mean and tell him all the time is eight. You know what when something is bugging you come sit down with me and tell me what is what is begging you. Even if it's the most smallest things you know what I mean. 'cause is the most smallest things that That did that they'd become big. You know these. These approve these appropriate that says evil enters through the whole of a needle in spread. It spread like an oak tree. You see so if you don't stop something from win it's small. It is going to become big and right now in society men dealing with things that they don't want to deal with they deal with them in certain avenues in ways of being angry being violent doing. That's why these such cases of rape these women being killed and stuff like that you get I mean so I try bone means to instill such values in my son and say the trouble if this is not sitting well with you no matter. What whether talk three the you know you know like I don't WanNa please come with you or something like that or one or communist collected or you WANNA play soccer. But I don't have time. Please tell me and then you know 'cause there was a time way he wanted. There was something you wanted to drew. And like our chauvel and by emotions myself nate and I was going through the West on the day and like we hit a crane session me and him and like immediately. When we didn't done with the conversation he was like deadliest. Shafts ACACIA new into guy get a Like frozen lollies and staff deal was like right shop. You know but the main thing is to talk about things deal with things get it out. We need to talk men out there. If you if you hitting this we need to even when we get together as men. We are taught to bottle things up. You know we are like a walking Pandora's box if some if one thing if it opens up just slightly it is over you know so we need to deal with things guys chance okay. We're about to wrap up. We have a surprise faquir like he's just going to throw him excited but clearly. That's not what we can find you where you're going to be a show about just like touch us up. Okay okay. Social Media Matters. You can find me on facebook page. It's clear you'll you'll see this rather with the yellow boonies video actually within with an Afro. Watch McCall. Twitter is soaked here. T- and then Instagram Kearse by underscores with small caps. And then and yeah you follow me. And then you'll get to hear what is wide because I'm GONNA be doing a lot of things guys Claude. Also soundcloud guys. Yeah soundcloud Yeah you can. I don't know what the OH I don't find it on his pages. Yeah you can go to soundcloud and then just type out clear. 'cause I have a single that have released little for the poem about my son. Beautiful mistitled my joy in barricades. Little what is your favorite line from the poem F- okay. This is his home. His home for me Nepalese. The day. I figured out that I was labeled a useless father. Figure was when my pockets with seen a shallow is the puddles that exist on the surface of Assad. I'm not going to come in. This is my life. That is my lane so you can go to soundcloud just about here. My Joy in brackets taboo. And then you'll find it. They in a in a dishonest too so we spoke about humans being even if he lost on the twenty second of March is going to be about three That's in Pretoria. He has failed. We're going to have details day momentum. Same on what? Is it a privacy? Simon being and sounds collector sound collector and then I'll opening excellent caller desire. Ring Queen Canadian Club. You serve ely and so soya trie. Can you give me two words Wildwood? I come to as an angel words clear to. I'm wrong one hundred down into it. Why would I come? Ageless three gene. A Machine Eighteen L. Esso's there's going to be people going to be grown people so you know you like grown people poems. You're going to hear the like what we're hearing. I'M GONNA deliver Phili- Three if not four new poems. Then there's going to be Heaven's Hell I know people love that. There's going to be sacred. Egged my six poem and then if all if have been yeah if all goes well might deliver as well My joy every spring. So you must come through. I'll be delivering the things on their theatrical tip plays with a band all right last part of the show so hyper data and he found out on these pages. Intented eighteen extra chopped EP years and we are into a track by a producer named pedia by a producer named Guanda federal and clear out Into so much tuning into the first episode of Twenty Twenty for the Queen's voters this season and we had been clear Ripka thank Joanne. Germans took us a half Lewa meaning. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you very much on facebook. It's clear on twitter. It's Esotique on instagram. It's at as fire on soundcloud. Lukman hero no and if you WANNA find morea on facebook that's underscore on twitter for money and the school in into it as well an instagram view. Maurya I've exciting news. We'll be partnering with Culture View Magazine so watch out for and please.

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