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Pike county. There is a fourth not guilty plea for the deaths of eight people George Billy Wagner, made his not guilty plea this afternoon, his wife and two sons pled not guilty last week all four face a possible death sentence if convicted of killing members of the rodent family they were accused of not using their sirens and lights. On a police run. And then lying about it. To blue ash police. Officers are off the force officer, Gary McNeil was terminated sergeant Edward, Shannon. Retired. Federal judge is ordering Kentucky governor Matt Bevin to turn over screen shots of social media comments. He is blocked on his accounts. The ACLU sued the governor for hiding critical comments on his Facebook page, a midterm race in North Carolina is still to be determined after allegations of fraud injuries and says she didn't know she was breaking the law when she collected absentee ballots in bladen county, North Carolina and then turn them over to her boss McCray. Mcrae. Dallas a convicted criminal and Republican political operative is now suspected of fraud and rounding up signed blank absentee ballots and casting them for GOP candidate. Mark Harris Harris has declared victory after a preliminary count showed. He won the race against democrat. Dan, mccready by nine hundred five votes, but the state refuses to certify the results as the investigation into possible fraud. Deepens? Pete combs ABC news rough day for the markets on Wall Street near the close. The Dow down seven hundred and eighty two points, NASDAQ is off two hundred eighty three and the s&p lost ninety news is a service of Saint Elizabeth, healthcare and Queen city sausage. News.

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