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Actually work exceed does and tennessee tennyson about some of your feelings that you're experiencing award uh-huh we were up to week we would see the flow grief at one day they what kinda post and then the next day that the gotta salute late absolutely when i lay quiets assault great of a couple of weeks dual stuff up important off so i rarely when you just get two or three quiet weeks absolutely no thought you're absolutely right mondays at being the group going yeah you're holding you all all these things to do but all these ideas on stick and then by wednesday boss the boy i just go and do something else i don't see it is my energy run out uh-huh thought through everything instant mundane to say that my when sam's really down so what i learned to do on wednesday was say goodbye i'm self employed loyd and give myself permission not work and say you know what there are other things that needs to be done so whether that was getting out in the garden whether it was trying to exercise class whether it was missing a coffee recognize that pattern thought hey this is okay i can do this on and then i gave us off that little day off or a few hours off and then by thursday or get on the horse let's see what else is let's do this let's see what is taking moxie to do so i think you have to be in the habit of showing up for work every day as much as i love escaped the country yeah yeah now this church agana i relate lenny back giving yourself mission i think i remember i wanted to was i plead to myself with gas jesting the that you do the important because it's thanksgiving the jewelry is isn't it running your business you know that you can i mean i could stay till three o'clock last brought by repainted a proper job where i had the desk somewhere by nine no way would i have stated three eggs i knew knew he can that is one of the use of it so you know you got to you got to recognize that you gotta you could take that and you've got to do that because of the wireless appoint louis business you might as well just feeding back in the continent i would just take a while to get to be in that mindset was absolutely they say i've i've been through it twice before so i know that you do get through it and it takes different routes and the other thing i always go back to sharon on all of the trench looking to be familiar with stephen kobetski control that keeps you saying i mean the reason that i'm quiet was was a briton valerie since i was quiet won't client finish six hundred thousand pound horse one heart multiple personnel changes so off people i knew left in a very short space time one had a major research one lost a major contract so they would just not spending money they didn't have to proposal i had in they have someone else none of those things where within my control i think is so important starts when i was thinking about what can i do it helps that was in my circle of control always because there's no point worrying about things that that you have no influence over you've just got to crack truck with what i'm writing thinking sheridan that all of those things happened within a relatively short and close period of time to each other so if they spread out over the course of one year it wouldn't have had the same impact it was just a perfect storm type situation really wasn't it for you yeah unfortunately when i've had to the second period it was exactly the same because of the nature of my work as a designer i tend to take on large projects with a small number of clients and yet though there is inherent risk in that business model which is why i am stocks to build my residual income to just try and get that little bit to the cushion because cost literally if i lose three clients it's like i'm using six days training i'm losing everything it some is being smart to try to future proof yourself a little sweat yeah and i think i think that's eminently sensible you know if if we approach our businesses and say you know i'm gonna put all my eggs in this one basket then that is going to have a situation at some point where the basket gets taken away oh okay now what do i do now i'm not you know three three times in thirteen years is amazing i think anyway to who've only had three proper quiet periods in thirteen years i think gives you reassurance reassurance that your business model is not broken just what you're doing is adapting to circumstances and the situation as it is now and honestly thirteen eighteen years ago when you started you wouldn't have been able to at some of the things into your business model wall now so things online courses the that you're offering now this way you could've added those in there is a way through six months i wasn't gonna bring it up but he didn't exactly that right and even if you had to have brilliant internet the the mechanisms the the supports the the various bits and pieces that you are now using gray effect one in place thirty so we have to i think is business owners we have to take account of of where the market is what's going on and what's available to us doesn't mean we need to throw everything out and start again it just means that we need to take advantage of the damn time and as you say how's that plan as to where we want to get to and to see what works with that overall plan because yes it's one of the key frets sort of being resilient is disability to be pragmatic who understand that just because this is how it is now doesn't mean it's going to be this way forever but it won't be ready for what it does pick up again because what have the time to do all of this other stuff and i think you've been a superb demonstration of that this year an you know you wouldn't the human if he didn't have that wednesday the day of the of the way ken's organic oh my god what my doing i think i think you call it i was listening to a podcast and you you said it's okay to have a pity party i allow myself that day about poor me everyone else's business going great eight minds folding away i'm using mind but then next day yeah it's time for you big dope on song thing in the same we tom so trace i true half you pity party just put your parameters on it and it's gonna finish and then i'm going to move on to something and again this is something sharon i go about all the time he's action you you need to be taking action and again you've you've done that superbia thing in can and that's why they were very keen to have you on to talk about how you gonna brown because you know we can talk about it and and do talk about things that links every week and it's nice to hear a different voice so he said my goodness to just you i mean great lessons sheridan thanks for sharing with us and so just to summarize august to to get yourself previously period you know you took the hats of highs and lows low way and times when he thought despondent book why enabled us to get trade trade with the communist standing back and looking at the big picture you know getting stuck into creating residual income because you have the time to do it recognizing that would concern the end because all the good way through the marketing consistent say twisting the crisis and then also giving yourself mission l. conducive enough things that really comes through yeah yeah i'm just just before i finish if i may do a quick plug for training talk local in liverpool on the sixteenth of october resilience is going to be our topic for discussion if anyone in the northwest join me into that story is very well down about this news then you not only down on the subject to change kazlo sheridan it how what role did to the community climb in how can you get through misleading dry just speak totally honest with you as i'm thinking i've got no money coming in or virtually no money coming in a little bit i said i don't know what i'm gonna do most time if this doesn't change around my husband said well you need to look at what you're spending you said so could you get rid of your veteran systens as the app essentially said could you stop paying into training talk and i read no absolutely not it's the last thing that goes because i swear that without this community i would i would have given up too so i'm not i'm not just saying that book it's it's my lifeline yeah yeah that makes us very happy that you have to have a little bit how will hit completely lately and i would echo down because you know yeah case as brooke the picasso sharon but my first interaction with the community was as a free his trainer in toronto work everything out when i went freelance and i have said several times i think there's a video of me somewhere on one of your websites saying exactly this i wouldn't stupid business if it wasn't for the trying to community and i appreciate anybody listening to this isn't part of the community going yeah yeah how can it be that good see somebody else's saying it now it's not just me going on it sheridan said it as well so there but it's true having the ability to go into a safe place place and go brilliant everything's amazing and also in the same breath oh i don't know what's going to happen if is just it's an important thing thing to to have access to the you know i i feel sorry for anybody that doesn't have access to to something like that the brilliant he say sheridan 'cause i was gonna say it's not something you can get rid of the isn't it funny how we have lots of stories of people whose partners go about that training talk doc said we'll start nope get your hands off we know doing go away that's brilliant well thank you seven sherzer fool who at the time it goes stockton there is a sea she's absolutely paypal she's lost the plot it is technically afternoon i just i talked to so they want us to get round that what no thank you some really really useful lessons i think about digging recipients the oldest community in cologne folks yet thank you thank you i'm done do you not recall all the details of the sheriff's tensor how anybody sneaker getting to sheridan fire her at such excess i will do okay why did he that was really cool really 'cause i know prompted until i mean to a a bad this mind listeners if if either of us ever say to the podcast for a chat we don't actually give you any questions that we lost before it was just like yeah we want you to buy this thing and that's it threatened prompting there whatsoever all completely the off the cavern and in her words as they say so see saw that was five you love us all right do you want to add anything else to to took mine charm now things like with this or i should move on walking let's count double doc as well i did think about who this week off from office slate had lots of walks not on beach each cups you talk on the beach until the end of september donna williams for agassi marks for walks on the top and looking at the state the but fully oxidized obstacle get back home again yeah ah the decided to kemoko friday night at dinner she stayed and that will be going to tackle candidate gets in the back for breakfast so when because jet jan was about to go you know in the car they decided that he would put this dot com this summer which he kind of chided the way down there and it didn't really work so what are these hawks on.

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