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Again. As shown what's making headlines in today's news media. The financial review is reporting that woolworths is replacing a key measure of retail productivity when selling bonuses for managers instead it wants to include a reputation score. The idea is that it will help rebuild trust in the supermarket, which has been plagued by wage underpayments. Also, the media is reporting this morning that the Morrison government will force state and territory leaders to abandon lockdowns saying that $1.5 billion in emergency Commonwealth support for affected workers and businesses will be turned off two weeks after inoculation rates heat 80%, and finally the sitting morning Herald is reporting that the New South Wales nationals has backed new climate change targets to cut the state emissions in half by 2030. Okay, running through some of the other stories around yesterday and this morning, the big battery fire in Victoria in July was caused by a cooling system Lake according to Victoria's safety regulator. The Tesla battery fire was exacerbated by protective systems being turned off at the time, certainly wouldn't help. It was the first major incident at a utility scale battery in Australia. And there were fears that could derail the growth in batteries, though fortunately, the regulator has given the all clear for the unit to start operating again. Michael the boss of Domino's in Australia and New Zealand and Nick knight will step down. Mister knight used to deliver pizzas and he ended up owning a store and rose through the ranks. His replacement David Burnett has pretty much the same background. That's one of the things I love about domino is in one of the factors in its incredible success. Many of the top executives, including CEO Don may, started as either delivery people or franchise owners. They know the business back to front, and that's really served the business world as it's grown. Yeah, it's an amazing success story and Don may actually spoke to you last year on fear and grade. And you can still find the interview on our website fear and grade calm today, well worth a listen that one. Michael, I just got to say some of the cross promotion in today's episode has been excellent. I think we've got three mentions so far. It's pretty impressive, isn't it?.

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